Nasty Critters, Bugs, and Pests: How We Can Deal with Unwanted Guests

Summertime rolls through and the critters, bugs, and pests come out.

The heat, rain, and mating season sends swarms of nasty buggers. The rodents and their predators — snakes! — make their way through the yard and sometimes into the home. Damages from the winter months, now visible, show cracks and crevices perfect for home invaders.

Pests make quick work of ruining our fun whether it’s a cozy night sitting on the patio. Or, trying to grill a few hot dogs and hamburgers during a BBQ.

What are these summer invaders? How can we stop them dead in their tracks?

Nasty Summer Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

Mosquitos and ants.

These two are an absolute dread for those trying to enjoy the outdoors during summer. One mosquito getting in the home will drive you insane. A trail of ants can turn into a major problem! Mosquitos and ants aren’t the only pests making our time miserable — don’t forget about:

  • Bees, wasps, and hornets
  • Ticks, bed bugs, and mites
  • Mice, rats, and possums
  • Termites, roaches, and spiders

A quick spray of mosquito repellant or blasting a nest with insecticide is probably your first (and only) effort with combating pests. Some will invest a little extra in citronella candles or try DIY traps/repellants like hanging water bags with pennies to confuse flies.

What are the best ways to get rid of pests? And, what will (hopefully) keep them from coming back again?

Professional Services

Professional services are in order when pests become a real nuisance. You’ll know there’s a problem when you start seeing droppings or visibly noticing more of them around the home and yard. If there are many present to the naked eye then there’s even more lurking in the dark spots and crawl spaces.

What can pro services do?

  1. They’ll begin with a home and yard inspection
  2. Given the go-ahead, they’ll high-grade sprays, traps, and repellants around the areas
  3. Provide helpful suggestions (sometimes materials) to help keep pests away

* These are the suggestions after having checked on

General Cleanliness

Table scraps, leftovers on the counters, and general untidiness are some of the big reasons pests are attracted to your home and yard. Sure, it’s hard keeping up with everything when you’re a busy parent but it’s probably worth your while to prioritize cleaning activities if pests are becoming… pests.

What are the big, easy “wins” with cleaning?

  • Keep the trash bins cleaned and don’t leave it sitting out
  • Store items in better packaging (like plastic totes)
  • Wash clothes and linens on-time vs letting them pile up¬†
  • Scoop the cat litter or store the pet bowls when they’re not eating

Set an extra 10 Р15-minutes to do a slightly deeper clean during your routine.

Regular Upkeep

There are quite a few things you can do around the home — handyman-type work — that’ll help keep those nasty pests away from you and the family.

Got a bit of DIY in you? Try fixing these issues:

  • Empty and/or dry any areas with standing water as these are breeding grounds and watering holes for pests
  • Cut down brush and vegetation while removing piles around the yard giving pests a perfect place to nest
  • Fix roofing and foundational issues like cracks and exposed areas with sealants and new materials
  • Keep up with pest control (DIY or pro) during winter when they’re dormant giving you a jump-start on summer

These all have the benefit of improving your home and yard anyway. This should give you plenty of motivation to be proactive and regular with the upkeep!

An Arsenal of Pest Control Stuff Helps, Too

Insects will quickly ruin your summer fun if you’re not prepared. Hopefully, you were ready for them by the time Spring rolls around. But, it’s never too late to grab up a few basic pest control items — like:

  • Insecticide spray — Great for flying insects, roaches, and ants
  • Traps — No-kill and aggressive ones for all pest types (placed where they get in and hide)
  • Predators — Helpful insects and animals that’ll prey on the annoying pests

The cleanliness, services, and upkeep will probably handle 99.9% of those pesky pests. Though, do your part because one or two become many and before long you’re back to being miserable — and that’s no way to spend summer.

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