Nail Treatments that Work for Busy Moms

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Moms know that keeping anything nice is a lot more difficult when kids are involved. This extends to our nails. For the girl with short and damaged nails, long nails are the Holy Grail. In order have long nails you’ll need to practice a daily routine of cleaning and filing your nails. You’ll also want to apply polish regularly and employ the help of a nail growth kit. With diligence and hard work, you can have the lengthy nails you desire.

Treatments that Work

Strengthening nail treatments are a great system for strengthening and growing nails after acrylics and other damaging procedures. This treatment works quickly and is easy to apply. If you have nails that split, peel, and simply won’t grow, this is an effective way to heal the damage.

Silk growth base polish is formulated to prevent breaking and splitting in brittle nails. This base should be applied a couple times a week for best results. You can apply this treatment as a base coat or wear it on its own. Results are typically seen after the first application, but results only last if it’s worn regularly.

Growth activator nail treatments are a great way to get beautiful nails faster. These innovative treatments typically work in just a few days. They balance your nail’s moisture levels, as well as restore minerals for healthier, stronger nails. Wearing a growth activator is one of the fastest ways to achieve longer nails.

Tips for Strong, Healthier Nails

When it comes to strong nails, nothing beats a healthy lifestyle. Everything from your diet to your temperature affects the length and quality of your nails. In order to have longer nails, you must first have healthy nails.

Certain foods are known to promote healthy nails. Foods that are high in vitamin H, like bananas and whole grain bread, enhance the strength of your nails. Foods rich in vitamin C protect your nails from harsh free radicals. These vitamins also improve skin quality and are great for a healthy functioning body.

You want to ensure you’re getting enough exercise too. Exercise leads to a healthy blood flow, which leads to nicer nails. You’ll want to implement a workout routine, which means an excuse to purchase some cute new workout gear. Athleta makes great work out gear. You can garner Athleta coupons online with promo codes listed at NerdWallet.

How to Maintain Long Fingernails 

Women with healthy, long nails typically take part in a daily nail care regiment. You’ll want to clip and file your nails regularly. Some women use the emery board daily, while others opt to file every few days. No matter when you’re filing your nails, it’s essential to file them correctly.

You’ll want to hold your emery board at an angel, always filing to the center of your nail. You never want to file back and forth in a ridged, fast movement. Instead, file in one direction, taking care to ensure your nails are smooth. You can use a nail buffer at the end to smooth nails and give yourself a shiny finish.

Cuticle care is often overlooked, but definitely essential to maintaining long fingernails. You’ll want to apply cuticle cream or oil on a regular basis. You may want to invest in a cuticle remover. A cuticle remover works to eliminate cuticles while hydrating the area. A clean nail file can also be used to gently buff out cuticles. It’s not recommended to cut cuticles, as this can lead to infection.

Finally, keep your fingernails clean and polished. Base coats and top coats are essential to any manicure. Not only do they help prevent nail polish chipping, but these polishes also coat the nail in a protective layer. This strengthens nails and results in a healthy, longer-lasting manicure, as well as strong, rapid-growing nails.

This is a guest post written by Sara Stringer.

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  1. My nails are short, short always. I just don’t like the idea of what bacteria could get caught under them and then cooking, kneading bread and the like, yes short; but that’s no reason to be untidy. Cuticle care is keys and a clear top coat. neat short, tidy. That’s my look.

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