My Netflix Binge Watching Show for the month: Bomb Girls #StreamTeam

I remember a few years ago seeing ads for the show Bomb Girls. It intrigued me but for some reason I never watched it. I’ve never been very good at remembering what night a show is on and sitting down to watch it. That’s why Netflix on streaming is perfect for me, I get to watch on my own time!


When I saw Bomb Girls in my suggestion list after finishing the Call The Midwife series I was quick to start in on season 1. Set during World War II when women were risking their lives working in a bomb factory to help the war effort. The show centers on a group of friends that work in the bomb factory. The characters really draw you in and you really get a connection to each one of them. I was hooked nearly instantly!

I was sad to find out that it only ran for 2 seasons and then wrapped up with a movie. I feel like every show I get really hooked on is over after 2-3 seasons. Thank goodness my next binge watch fest is right around the corner with the release of season 3 of Orange Is the New Black! I can’t wait!!!


In the meantime does anyone have any good suggestions that are similar to Bomb Girls? What is your latest Netflix addiction? 

I’m a Netflix Stream Team member. I receive a Netflix streaming membership for the purpose of sharing my personal experiences. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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