My Family’s Latest Journey Into #PetParenthood – Meet Sookie!

I’ve always had pets and not long after my husband and I bought our first home we got our first dog, Wheelz. As you may have noticed I’ve been awfully quiet these past few months and one of those reasons is because we brought a new little family member home.

Meet Sookie!


She’s a french bulldog and boston terrier mix, formally called a Frenchton and it was love at first sight –

Having a french bulldog has been a dream of mine for a long time, I love their personalities and gosh darn it they are just too cute!

I think it’s safe to say we’re on the verge of being able to call ourselves a zoo. With 2 dogs and 2 cats our house is full.

We’re animal lovers and this latest journey into pethood has been both fun and challenging. Sookie is what I would call a handful, she’s rowdy, loud and lots of fun. I really did forget how much work this puppy stage is and sometimes I think I’m crazy for getting another dog. But she’s so sweet too and my daughters are as head over heals for her as I am.



Petsmart has been a great help in getting everything we need for our new little pup. From her bed to her food and her toys it’s all been from Petsmart. We stopped into our local PetSmart the day we got her and they were such a great help finding the right food and a bed that she’ll be able to grow into as well as a crate to fit her perfectly while we housebreak her.

We love our pets, they are part of our family and PetSmart knows that and they are our #PetParenthood Partner. I know this puppy stage is a lot of work (all too well right now) but I now it’s all worth it!

If you haven’t seen the #PetParenthood commercials they are hilarious and so true. Any pet lover will understand the humor and truth to these great commercials. Here is my fav –

sookie-standingOur Sookie is just a character one minute she’ll be ripping around the house snorting, tearing apart a toilet paper roll that in the end looks like it exploded and the next she’s snuggling all curled up beside you. She snorts like crazy, I mean literally you’ll be walking and hear her behind you and it sounds like Walking Dead zombie is after you. She’s such a riot! For me, #PetParenthood is exhausting, challenging and loads of fun! What does #PetParenthood mean to you?

One thought on “My Family’s Latest Journey Into #PetParenthood – Meet Sookie!”

  1. Oh Sookie is so cute! I love being a dog owner! We have 3…two were brother and sister adopted as babies from a rescue. Oh they chewed anything and everything…they are two years now and finally dont chewing things other than toys and treats. 🙂 They did the toilet paper thing so much too!

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