My baby had an MRI today

Today my daughter had a MRI for a possible strawberry hemangioma near her ear. The Dr. wanted to be sure thats what it is and make sure its not interfering with anything internally. So 8am this morning came and it was time to go. When we got into the prep room we found out that she was going on need an IV. They tried and tried to find a good vein and finally on try #6 the doc got it and at this point my poor baby was screaming with tears running down her face. My husband was on one side helping hold her and keeping her calm while I rubbed her back and head while talking to her. I held back alot of tears while all this was going on, seeing her in pain is so hard 🙁 When they finally got the IV in and she dozed off from the sleepy medicine they wheeled her off and I lost it, all the tears I had managed to hold back came flooding out. My poor baby was hurting and there was not a thing I could do for her. I know its necessary but having put her through all this still makes me feel bad. We just got home and Pinky is sleeping soundly, they said she probably would be very sleepy for the next 24 hours. My little trooper. I’m so glad that its over and my baby is home and resting now. Now just praying for good test results…

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  1. Bless your heart. I hope her results are good too.
    It is so hard to have to watch our children go through things like that. My mom was a lab tech and she was always called in to do babies because she could get the vein the first time. She has a big heart and she was greatly appreciated by a lot of parents.
    I found you through Whimsical Wednesday and am now a GFC follower.

  2. Awww, what a sweetie! It really does suck seeing them go through anything like that. My youngest was admitted to the children’s hospital at 10 days old, thankfully she was only there for a week and it turned out to be severe allergies (all of which she has grown out of!)
    thanks for coming by and the sweet comment, appreciate it!

    1. Sending you positive thoughts. I know how you feel/ felt since my son was hospitalized last February for a bad case of RSV. if we could just go through all the pain for them, we would. Hang in there…

      1. Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers, staying positive and thankful my baby is happily enjoying a bottle as I type. She’s my brave little girl <3

  3. I’m surprised the doctors are worried about it. Hemangioma’s are usually harmless. I had one as a baby and my daughter had two of them (one on her head). We are both adults now and fine. When I was two, my parents had mine removed for cosmetic reasons when I went under for a tonsillectomy, while my daughter’s faded on their own. I know you’re worried sick, but hopefully it is totally benign. I know how it feels to wait for a medical test on a child. We had a scare many years ago with something else. Good luck with the results.

    Thanks for following my blog. I’m now following you too.


    1. Thank you for your kind words Joyce! They are worried about it only because of its location, her left ear canal looks as though it is closed off. You can’t even really tell she has it just by looking at her skin because it is internal and below the skin which is not as common. I’m surprised she can hear out of that ear because you can’t even see into it, its just a tiny slit because of the hemangioma. She had a bunch of hearing tests done and her hearing is perfect, thank goodness. They just want to be sure that its not affecting anything internally.

  4. Praying for Kylie! I remember when our son was 15 months old and had hernia surgery. After he went to sleep in my arms, they put him on a stretcher and wheeled him away. I lost it, too, and cried as I watched them leave with him. He did fine!

    1. Thank you so much, sometimes its so hard doing whats best for our babies. Watching her get wheeled away was so hard, not being there to watch over her especially after her traumatic IV experience. I’m very glad to hear your son did well with his surgery! Thank you very much for your prayers 🙂

  5. I am praying for good scan results for Kylie, I am looking forward to our sons next MRI his last one had something questionable in it, we were told it is probably nothing but I will feel better when we know for sure, he had a cancerous brain tumor removed 14 months ago.

    On a much lighter note you have a fab blog!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Praying for your son as well, hope it is nothing!

      I visited your blog as well, love it! You have a beautiful family 🙂

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