Movie Review: ‘SING’ will have your kids singing and dancing

I’ve been looking forward to the movie SING ever since I saw the teaser trailer and was lucky enough to be invited along with my family to check the movie out before it hits theaters tomorrow, December 21.


SING was created by the same studio (Illumination Entertainment) that made the hilarious movies like Minions and Despicable Me. It tells the story of Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey), a koala who has dreamed of being in show business since he was a child like his father. He inherits his father’s theater and it is now going broke. In order to bring it back Buster plans a singing competition. By mistake Buster’s secretary mistypes the flyers promote a $100,000 prize instead of $1,000.

From here we meet many new characters who all dream of singing and looking to win the competition.

Rosita (Reese Witherspoon), a pig with 25 kids. Ash (Scarlett Johansson) a young porcupine who dreams of being a rockstar and Johnny, a teen gorilla who comes from a family of criminals. Then there is Seth MacFarlane singing Sinatra as Mike, a mouse with a giant ego. Tori Kelly is Meena, an elephant with terrible stage fright.

My daughters who are 6 and 3 both really enjoyed the film. They love to sing and dance and SING has no shortage of great songs with catchy beats. They were literally dancing and singing most of the way through the movie. The storyline was encouraging for young viewers as well which is to never give up on your dreams and making things work even when it seems impossible.

I’ve read many of the reviews for the film from hoity–toity reviewers who went into this film looking for or expecting some deep and meaningful plot. If you’re looking for a deep and meaningful film my guess is a film with animated cute characters singing pop hits isn’t where your going to be headed to see at the movies anyway.

However, if you ARE looking for a fun film to go see with the kids and have a few laughs and sing along then SING is definitely a good movie for you.

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