Movie Review: Disney’s John Carter : A Great Sci-Fi Adventure with Action & Romance

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to see an advanced screening of Disney’s John Carter.

What I thought of John Carter:

John Carter is based on a series of books written about 100 years ago, The Princess of Mars. I’ve not read the books (though I’m very interested in getting them on my Nook after seeing this movie) so I couldn’t tell you how it lived up to them but I can tell you that we did really enjoy it! The film is about John Carter, a man who is transported to planet Mars, which is called Barsoom and the adventure begins. On his journey to get back home he is held captive by the native Tharks (HUGE 9 foot aliens with 4 arms!) and also meets the Princess of Helium, Dejah. With the planet on the cusp of collapsing the princess, Dejah, asks for Carter to help fight for the survival of Barsoom along his journey to get back home John instead decides he will help fight for Barsoom. The movie is 72 minutes long and there wasn’t any point in time where I was bored or waiting for them to cut to the chase and the 3D really gave the vibrant cities and barren landscapes on mars depth and added a nice touch to the film without being gimmicky with things popping out at you. It was a great adventure story with lots of action, a love story and some outlandish aliens and creatures. My favorite was Woola, the faithful, dog-like creature that becomes sort of a pet of Carters and is along his side throughout his journey. The movie really came full circle for me at the end and left the storyline open to be continued and I really hope it does! I feel like they’ve only scratched on the surface of the adventures of John Carter and I’m hoping there are sequels! If you enjoy sci-fi films and hero movies your likely to enjoy Disney’s John Carter.

The PG-13 Rating

I know many of you are probably wondering if this movie would be okay to bring your children to. I personally think bringing a child 10 or older would really enjoy this movie but I wanted to note the reasoning for the PG-13 rating for parents to make the call if it is a good movie for their kids. There are some violent scenes during the battles. It is gory but it is gory in more of a Sci-Fi way, their blood is blue. In addition there is a scene where his wife and child on earth are shown after being killed in their home which was a bit disturbing

John Carter opens March 9, 2012 nationwide.




13 thoughts on “Movie Review: Disney’s John Carter : A Great Sci-Fi Adventure with Action & Romance

  1. i’ve seen commercials but didn’t know what to make of it..i haven’t heard much about it so i appreciate your review. it sounds like one my family would enjoy; our daughter will be 12 in a few months so i think she could handle this.

    annae07 at aol dot com

  2. We actually saw this movie … and we had both read the books. I think they were hoping it would be a better success than what it was since that was only the first book of the series. (there were 9 he wrote and 12 if you include what his son finished) I think Burroughs was actually better known for Tarzan than the Man from Mars, but if you have time read the books- they are pretty good especially if you like science fiction.

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