Mod’Swad Adorable and Stylish Sleepers and Swaddlers for Baby Review

Mod'Swad Merino Sleeper with Flower Hat Review

Mod'SwadIn just over 2 months our second little girl will be here! Since we have plenty of clothes already from when Pinky was a baby I haven’t gone too crazy buying a bunch of new stuff. One thing we do need, however, is more cozy swaddle sleepers for the colder winter months here in Michigan, I wanted to find some that were comfortable, soft, breathable and of course cute and was thrilled to discover the line of baby swaddlers and sleepers byMod’Swad. Mod’Swad has an entire line of cozy and stylish sleepers with a modern yet vintage style for babies and come in a variety of organic materials including Bamboo, Muslin, Cotton and Merino Wool and I was lucky enough to review a sleeper and hat!

Mod'Swad Review

I received the Merino Mod’Sleeper in Shangri’La Purple and the matching Bamboo Shangri’La Flower Hat. How darling is this little ensemble?

Mod'Swad Merino Sleeper with Flower Hat Review

I can’t wait to see our precious baby girl in it! She’s going to be one stylish girl 🙂

The sleeper has handcuffs that can fold-over to keep her hands warm and the bottom is adjustable so no matter how long she is I can easily adjust it to fit her for a nice cozy custom fit. The Merino fabric is so nice, high quality and oh so soft, perfect for her sensitive newborn skin! I love that the Merino Wool will keep her warm since she will arrive right in the middle and coldest part of winter and while it will keeps her warm and toasty it will also allow for airflow and help her regulate her body temperature while pulling away any body moisture if she sweats.

It’s a gorgeous sleeper and the matching hat just puts the adorableness over the top! It’s so precious, she’ll be wearing her Mod’Swad gear in the hospital and this hat is so MUCH cuter than the hospital caps :), and it will help to keep her nice and warm.

The sleeper is easy to get on and off  and adjusting to fit baby perfectly is a breeze, keeping him or her comfy and cozy. These sleepers and swaddlers would make a perfect baby shower gift for someone you know who is expecting.

I can’t wait to show you the next pictures of this adorable sleeper and hat because then our little girl will be wearing it!

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Mod’Swad Swaddlers and Sleepers are available at for $34 and up. Each come in black (Rockstar), grey (Metro), purple (Shangri’La) or white (Bisque). (The Merino Sleeper I have is available for $40.)



10 thoughts on “Mod’Swad Adorable and Stylish Sleepers and Swaddlers for Baby Review

  1. I wish I had known about the sleeper when my Lila was born. Looks so easy to swaddle. I remember trying the techniques for swaddling and the blanket being all uneven and she was screaming, and I just wanted to calm her down but I couldn’t get it right. I won’t be having any more babies but I will be sure to let other moms and moms to be know there is an easier way.

  2. My daughter is only a year old but I keep seeing all this cute stuff NOW that wasn’t around or I didn’t know about when she was littler! Must be time for a new little! 🙂

  3. I do love that plum color too! Our (live in) lil’ grand daughter was born last year and we were so worried about her being too hot (we kept cranking the heat) and then worried about her being overheated. (put in a ceiling fan). We should have known that lil’ sweetie would have been JUST RIGHT in this sleeper. Even LOOKS soft in the photos!

    Thanks for the review!

  4. I have never heard of these before but they sure sound nice for the babies and little ones. I like that you dont have to worry about them grabbing a blanket and pulling it over their face in the middle of the night. So many organic cloth textures to pick from and colors too. Thanks for the heads up.

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