Migraines Be Gone With Baltic Amber

I have been a migraine suffer for most of my adult life. It seemed that stress or the first sign of a cold would trigger these terrible, incapacitating headaches that wouldn’t leave for days. I had met with my doctor who prescribed prescription strength migraine relief and that worked at first, but shortly after taking it, my migraine would be back and I’d have to wait a few hours before I could take the next dose.

I had tried every OTC migraine relief, pressure points, allergy medicine, acupuncture… literally everything! I was about ready to give up and die when my mom told me about how she used amber stones to cure her migraines. She gave me a book on holistic medicine and dog eared the part about using amber for medicinal purposes.

I went home and fell asleep. I could feel a migraine coming on again and I wanted to stop it right in its tracks, but unfortunately, it would be in full swing when I awoke the next morning. After riding the waves and getting through the next valley of death, I promised myself that I would look into my mom’s suggestion, and I did. A week later, once my migraine had officially passed, I dove into amber stones and how they work.

Amber can be found in several parts of the world, but amber found near the Baltic Sea is known for having the highest traces of succinic acid found in amber today, amounting to up to 4% higher than other ambers. From headaches to menstrual cramps, swollen breastfeeding glands, anxiety, and teething problems, amber can be used to soothe and relieve many things.

Amber works best when being worn because your body is able to heat the bead, allowing for the medicinal oils containing succinic acid to seep through the bead’s surface and is then absorbed into your bloodstream. Once it’s absorbed, it’s as if you took a natural dose of anti-inflammatory.

I ordered an amber necklace from https://www.balticwonder.com/ and waited anxiously for it to arrive. It got here about a week later and I wrapped it around my wrist immediately. It was probably the first time that I had hoped for a headache in my entire life. I wanted to know if it worked! Nearly a week had passed since I put the necklace on and not even the slightest hint of a background headache.

I wondered what all I could be doing differently other than wearing the necklace. I wasn’t drinking more water, I hadn’t taken any medicine, my home and work life were the same, and my allergies hadn’t changed. The only thing it could have been was the amber! I continued wearing the necklace and checked back in with myself in a month.

After 30 days had passed, I called my mom and told her that I hadn’t even had so much as a background headache since I started wearing the necklace. She told me about how she was a young girl once who suffered from migraines, and the stones were the only thing that helped.

I have been migraine free for over a year now. I have bought several necklaces so that I have a variation of colors to wear every day. I will never go back to prescription strength or OTC medication again. My life will forever be indebted to Baltic Amber.

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