Making Life Great For Seniors

When you are born, everyone was happy and they accepted you with open arms. Your every need was taken care of by your eager parents, relatives, and friends. A child’s cry signifies a lot in the house. This is because you were seen as a helpless sweet angel who was innocent. As you grow older, the babyface wears off and your sweetness diminishes.

By the time you reach your teens, raging hormones have made you almost impossible to live with, but your parents persevere and they still offer you a lot. They buy your clothes, educate you, and feed you. When you become sick, they still worry. Being healthy is very important to them.

Then you become a young adult and you start to seriously date, looking for the one person who will be your marriage partner. You do this concurrently while searching for a job. Your parents are still eager to find out if they raised a responsible adult who will be able to get a suitable marriage partner, and if educating you paid off by you getting a good job.

Finally, you marry and also have kids. Everyone, especially your parents, are always near. They are eager to see the grandchildren, to learn about them, to see which child will look like you or someone in the family. Your family is always around and happy to be with you.

Your children grow up and they have to move out. You are finally home alone and, before you know it, you are now classified as a senior. Now, no one wants to see you. No one is there for your every beck and call. Although you have already retired, you are expected to take care of yourself in every way. An assisted senior living center will help you banish all the questions you have, plus others that might crop up as you grow older and wiser. Consider contacting and they can answer all the questions you may have.

What a senior can do if they cannot live on their own:

Being a senior is one of the most misunderstood periods of anyone’s life. This is because everyone views you like the older and wiser one and they expect you to be perfect. However, this is the time when your body functions are slowing down. This makes you prone to many diseases as your immunity may also be rapidly declining.

During this time, your bones also become weak and fragile and they are prone to breaking. Your memory, too, might be fading as the years go by. Diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, cancers, Alzheimer’s, among others, are bound to catch up with you.

Most of the time, you will need someone to take care of you, someone who will understand what you need. This is because being active becomes a thing of the past and the activities you used to enjoy when you were younger are no longer desirable.

You might have been married with children when you were younger, but all of a sudden, your grown-up children want their freedom and they move out. The hardest part might be that they find employment or a marriage partner in a very far location. Their nuclear families become their priority and they no longer even have time to call. Just because you took care of them, they think that you will be able to look after yourself. 

A trusted assisted senior living facility like Pegasus is very helpful at this point in your life. This facility provides comfortable, stimulating and professional care. This can either be for memory care, independent living or even assisted living. Independent living gives the senior the comfort of living in a social community where they can take care of themselves and take part in other recreational activities, together with other like-minded people.

 Living with your family as a senior:


  • Enjoying family time.
  • Ease financial constraints of paying for the senior care or retirement home.
  • Being in familiar surroundings.


  • More responsibilities.
  • Lack of time.
  • Lack of privacy.
  • Accommodation space.
  • Professional care: As a family, you might want to take care of your mother at home but you might lack the professionalism that is needed to look after the elderly. This is because they are prone to many diseases which you might not be able to handle effectively.

It is important that you discuss your plans with the senior member of the family. Explain all the options involved. Then, together, make your plans. Hopefully, everyone will be in agreement and you will have made an excellent choice.

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