Our Living Room Renovation: Installing Pergo XP Flooring DIY Project

Pergo XP Review

Our new flooring is installed!

Just before the holidays our Pergo® XP Flooring arrived and Daddy Digger and I started the installation in hopes to have it done before the holiday. Neither of us has installed laminate or wood flooring before so it was all new to us but we decided to take it on because we had heard it wasn’t too hard to do.

Well… It was SO easy! In a matter of a weekend we had the entire area covered in our new lovely flooring, we started on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday evening it was complete. Once a plank was cut to size by Daddy Digger, I would install it and with just a couple days and teamwork it was complete! Installing each each plank was very simple! Each plank has a locking mechanism, called Pergo® Perfectfold™ joint technology, and each piece would snap and secure into place. It was actually really fun and reminded me of putting a puzzle together. After just a few rows were installed we stood back and were excited about how perfect it is! The Handscraped Oak style was such a perfect choice for the look we are trying to accomplish in the room. Here are a few pictures of our install process –

Pergo XP Review InstallationStarting on installing

Pergo XP ReviewBaby Digger supervising our work 🙂

Pergo XP Review InstallWe had to make a few small cuts near the front door

Pergo XP Flooring ReviewJust a few more rows of flooring left to install!

Here is a short video of me installing Pergo XP flooring, you can see how quick and easy it truly is. It made for a perfect DIY weekend project!

Our new flooring is absolutly perfect and I can’t get over how easy and quick it was for us to install ourselves! Plus, I love that it has the premium underlayment attached not only because it makes the floor quiet but because it also took one step out of the installation process. Our Pergo XP Laminate flooring looks just like real wood flooring and now we don’t have to worry about scratches, nicks and damage – it really is the best of both worlds!

The Handscraped Oak style we choose gives the room a very country/modern feel and has made the room so warm and inviting. AND, I’m so excited because as a Christmas gift my husband is having built-in bookshelves to go all around our bay window. I cannot wait to see the finished result of the renovation project and am so happy we decided to go with Pergo XP for our flooring! Over the next few months I’ll be sharing the before/after living room renovations and how our Pergo XP flooring has stood up to the high traffic and pets in our home!


22 thoughts on “Our Living Room Renovation: Installing Pergo XP Flooring DIY Project

  1. Very cool! We are looking to redo our kitchen with laminate flooring and have been looking for the best option to hold up to kids and traffic. Looks beautiful Brynn! Will have to keep them in mind during our search 🙂

  2. this was really helpful. we will be moving innext month into our first home. it’s a huge fixer-upper and it needs new floors. we were thinking about pergo, and i think we’re sold now.

  3. I’m thinking about replacing the flooring in our bedrooms (it’s a cheap laminate that I HATE) and your post gives me inspiration that we can do it ourselves 🙂

  4. The new floor looks great! I would like to get laminate flooring installed in the kitchen and wondered how easy it would be to install as a DIY project and from your pictures, it looks like I could handle it! Thanks.

  5. You’ve given me the bug, I went looking at flooring today! I’m thinking I want to do this when my son’s home over spring break – it looks totally doable!

    1. I’m so happy with this flooring, I think you will be too! Good luck on your son’s home, I’d love to hear about your experience too!

  6. Hi Brynn, these reviews are very well done! My web design company is moving into a new office and we’re looking at using the Pergo XP flooring in our new reception area. But my fear of laminate floors is that repeating pattern. In some cases the pattern is just so obvious. I’m hopeful that the repeating patterns are tougher to spot and further apart with the more costly XP flooring. What was your experience with that? There are 8 pieces in a box I think… does that mean there are just 8 different pieces? Thanks for any input you can give.

    1. Hi Jeremy, thank you so much! With the Pergo XP the pattern is not obvious at all. We cut the boards and staggered them in a random fashion just like you would real hardwood floors and got great results. It’s definitely worth the investment because it looks great and it really does hold up as they claim. We have it in a very high traffic area and between us walking back and forth over it, our 70lbs dog and the me accidentally dropping tools while finishing up our renovation it doesn’t have a scratch, ding or dent on it and looks as good as the day we installed it. Yes there are 8 pieces per box and that will cover about 13 square feet. Best of luck with your new office and your business!

      1. Thanks for the quick response. We’re going to give this product a shot. Looking forward to seeing the finished product in your living room! You need to prove you got that awkward angle under the front window area done. 🙂 Thanks again. Keep up the good work on the blog.

        1. Great to hear, I’m sure you will love it! It’s perfect for a high traffic office.

          Haha, I assure you the front bay window is done 🙂 We just used our mitre saw and the cuts don’t have to be 100% perfect if you are going to be installing mouldings so there is a little bit of room for error.

  7. Brynn – We have 3 active kids & a 100 pound ACTIVE lab. We were thinking about installing the Pergo XP, but haven’t seen/heard a lot about it yet. How’s the floor holding up so far? Any advice you could give us we would greatly appreciate! You both did a great job on the floor.

    1. Our floor is holding up beautifully. Our 65lbs pit/lab mix runs across it all the time and you certainly wouldn’t know by looking at it. It looks as good as the day we installed it, no scratches, dents or marks! We love it and I would recommend it for anyone with a dog 🙂

  8. I was just looking at this today, due to having dogs. I noticed you took all your trim boards off. Was that hard to do? Other wise I guess you have to add quarter-round? How has it held up to the dogs in your house?

    1. We need to replace them 🙂 a quarter round would give it a nice finish though. It’s held up wonderfully to our dog and my kids. They have ride on toys they are riding in this area constantly and there are still no noticeable signs of wear or even a scratch.

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