No More Yucky Flash Photos, Thanks To Lightscoop®! Review + Coupon Code

Lightscoop Camera Accessory Review

Professor Kobre's Lightscoop

Lightscoop Review - The solution to ugly flash photos!

Like most moms I take a lot of photos and a few years ago I got my first SLR camera as a gift from Daddy Digger. I love my SLR camera but I hate having to use the flash. My home faces south and most of the windows are facing either north or south so we don’t always get the best lighting which makes it difficult to get a good photo without using the flash. But, the flash washes people out and leaves shadows and the photos end up looking yuck. To take a nice picture, I would have to be home in the early afternoon and even then I could only take them in a couple of rooms in our house to get the lighting I wanted. But then I heard about Professor Kobré’s Lightscoop®! Lightscoop is a device you attach to your SLR camera that slides in over your flash and creates a soft flattering light by bouncing the light off of the ceilings or wall. It fits MANY different cameras including my Canon 40D (checkout the full list of cameras) so I just had to try it out!

The moment it arrived I started going picture crazy testing it out in different rooms and basically following around Baby Digger like the paparazzi. Using the suggested manual settings on my camera I was in awe over the quality of photos I was able to take with the flash and my Lightscoop. Even at night in poorly lit rooms the Lightscoop made the photos look clear, well lit and professional. It lights up the entire room so your photo is clear and doesn’t have odd shadows that you get with the flash alone. It’s also creates very nice portraits because the lighting it creates is soft and flattering. Check out some of the with and without Lightscoop photos I took of Baby Digger –

Photo taken without and with LightscoopYou can see how nicely and evenly lit the photo with the Lightscoop is!

Lightscoop Before and AfterThe flash photo is over lit in spots and has weird shadows. The Lightscoop photo is well lit throughout the room, much nicer!

Lightscoop in a dark-roomI took this photo of Baby Digger using the Lightscoop in her room which was pitch black, WOW is all I can say!

A photo taken using LightscoopOne of my favorite photos! (taken using Lightscoop)

Photo taken using Lightscoopanother favorite of mine (also, taken using Lightscoop)

The only place I ran into trouble with the Lightscoop is in our family room which has cathedral ceilings. The Lightscoop is not recommended for ceilings over 8-14 feet tall because it isn’t able to bounce off the walls correctly but every other room in our home it worked beautifully.

What I think of Lightscoop

I’m beyond thrilled that I’m able to take such wonderful photos no matter what the lighting is like, which is wonderful because the perfect photo opp isn’t going to wait! I love that my pictures won’t be ruined by the oh so ugly and harsh flash. I can quickly slip my Lightscoop on my camera take great professional-like pictures. The quality of photos I can take using it are SO much better than the photos I used to be able to get in our home. Lightscoop even has a great how-to guide you through slipping the it onto your camera and step-by-step instructions and even a video to the set your camera model to the recommended manual settings. Being a VERY novice photographer it was extremly easy for even me!

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Buy It!
Professor Kobré’s Lightscoop can be purchased at for $29.95, plus from now until February 15th Lightscoop is offering my readers 15% off with code MD15.

Lightscoop is available in standard or warming (which gives a warmer light to the photos). In my photos I used the standard Lightscoop.

I received a Lightscoop to facilitate this honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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  1. Wow…what a difference the Lightscoop attachment makes in those pictures! Thanks for sharing. I’ve heard about the product, but never saw any before & after comparisons.

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