Lakeshore Learning Colorpillar Magnetic Maze {Review}

Colorpillar Maze Review

Now that Pinky is three I’ve been starting to teach her the basics in a more structured way at home. She’s got a good head start – she knows her ABC’s and can count to twenty and is getting better with colors. Next year she’ll be starting preschool and I want to get her a head start. So, when Lakeshore Learning asked me to review one of their at home learning products I knew it’d be a great opportunity for us to continue her learning progress.

Learning Colorpillar Maze Game Review

I have a Lakeshore Learning store near my home but I always thought it was only for teachers. Well, it’s not! Lakeshore is launching the Learning at Home collection of products in-stores at all 57 Lakeshore Learning Stores! Anyone can shop there and there are TONS of toys, activities and learning tools for kids both in the classroom and right at home.

We reviewed the Lakeshore Learning Colorpillar Magnetic Maze. The object of the Colorpillar Magnetic Maze is to drop each of the little balls into each of their matching color sections using the magnetic tip pen. The cute caterpillar has 4 color sections – green, red, yellow and blue and there are a bunch of corresponding balls in these same colors to match up.

The magnetic pen is easy for Pinky to use and guide the balls through the maze into their colored sections. Sometimes, the magnetic pen grabs two or three balls at a time though but I like it because it gives her a little problem solving to figure out how to get them into their sections correctly.

Lakeshore Learning Colorpillar Maze Review

Colorpillar Maze Review

I love this toy because it’s helping to teach her colors, she matches them all up wonderfully now and is learning what color is which. It’s perfect for home and great for on-the-go because it’s all contained with a permanent seal and the pen can be stored in the pen slot.

It’s a fun game of skill and learning. Daddy Digger and I find ourselves playing with it too 🙂

If you’re looking for a great learning game I would definitely recommend the Colorpillar Magnetic Maze.

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BUY IT: The Colorpillar Magnetic Maze and other great educational games and activities are available at and in Lakeshore Learning stores for $19.99. Plus, by using this link you’ll recieve a 20% OFF coupon!

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I received product to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


11 thoughts on “Lakeshore Learning Colorpillar Magnetic Maze {Review}

  1. I have never seen this. I love it and will keep them busy! We are working on colors, numbers and the alphabet. I think Abagail would love this.

  2. A learning at home collection is a great idea. Educational toys are wonderful. They help kids learn the basics in a fun way and get them on the right track for starting school. You get hand-eye coordination, colors, and understanding instructions all in one fun activity.

  3. I had been looking for a color sorter from the longest time and this one I really have my heart set on, is the 20% off only online and if I can use it in stores how do I claim it?

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