Kid Friendly YouTube Channels for Songs, Crafts and Roblox

If you’re a parent you know the vortex that is YouTube kids. It sucks them in and if you let them they’d watch it all day long. I’m sure you’ve watched you’re little one watching other children playing and thought to yourself – why is my kid watching other kids play instead of actually playing?

Sadly there is a darker side of YouTube Kids where some videos are finding their way through the filters and are being put before the eyes and ears of our children. Just the other day I was sitting next to my daughter as she was watching a Roblox video from an unknown channel and I panicked as the words “what the F&#@!” were screamed. I panicked and scrambled to turn it off. Then had another explanation with my 7 year old about why we don’t say that word. Sure, she’s heard it before and we’ve had the conversation before but silly me thought she was on a kids app. Won’t make that mistake again.

That said, I thought it’d be a great time for me to share some of the good kid friendly stuff thats available on YouTube kids. All verified and kid-friendly for their sweet little ears and eyes.

HeyKids has all child friendly videos that have some fun songs. Johnny Johnny Yes, Papa is one of my kids favorites. It’s a bit annoying as a parent to listen to over and over again but on the other side, its a sweet innocent song that is catchy and kids love it.


Simple Kids Crafts
My daughters have gotten really into this channel lately. It features hundreds of crafts that are easy and kid friendly. Most of the projects are simple and don’t require more than a few supplies. It’s a great channel to watch for the upcoming Spring Break to break up the boredom thats sure to come if you’re like me and not taking a vacation.

amypoehlersmartgirlsAmy Poehler’s Smart Girls
Founded by funny girl Amy Poehler this channel has some great STEM videos. Great inspiration for your child to get into some really cool stuff like building robots, engineering, coding or animal science.

Both of my kiddos are obsessed with Roblox. I was skeptical at first but its a pretty neat social RPG game although you have to be careful with the chatting and interactions. My girls love this channel. Although it does have some Roblox characters falling apart that some parents have deemed not kid friendly. My opinion is that this is a fun kid friendly channel for those who are obsessed with Roblox.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a comment and tell me what are some of your kid friendly YouTube stations? What are some of you’re least favorites?

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