I’ve Got Post-Baby Swimsuit Confidence Thanks To My Miraclesuit Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Magicsuit Review

I received a Miraclesuit to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When we first started planning our trip to Florida I knew one dreadful thing would have to happen. I would have to step into a bathing suit for the first time since having my beautiful Loo Loo.

The thought wearing a swimsuit on our vacation left me with this tune over and and over again in my head –

I was 8 months postpartum and I didn’t know if I could bare the sight of me in a swimsuit. I tried on a few clearance suits at the store and they looked awkward and horrible on me.

After the disaster at the store I set out online to find a swimsuit that could offer me the confidence and tummy control this mama needed.

I quickly found Miraclesuit and was lucky enough to review one for myself! Miraclesuit’s areΒ the ONLY swimsuit that makes you Look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds. The suits are designed to give women like me the confidence to hit the pool or beach in a stylish swimsuit that looks great on. BIG promises right? Keep reading and you’ll see if it lived up to this promise…

There are so many gorgeous styles to choose from and most styles even have different color options to choose from.

I went with this beauty –

Magicsuit Leah in Black

It’s called the Magicsuit Leah. I think it’s so pretty – simple, elegant and flattering.

When my Miraclesuit arrived and I was trying it on that same familiar nervous feeling hit my stomach and wishing that I didn’t have to look in the mirror to see how it looked. After putting my Leah swimsuit on and a minute or two of convincing myself to go look in the full length mirror I finally forced myself to look.

The results…

Well, I didn’t cringe the moment I looked back at myself and a smile overcame my face! I’ve never been this happy with how I look in a bathing suit, this swimsuit is stylish yes but it also is incredibly flattering!

Miraclesuit Magicsuit Review

I hit the water park at our hotel with confidence. The feeling of being able to do that post-baby was pretty amazing.

Not only does this suit look great on and offer the perfect tummy support even post-partum it’s also comfortable. The Leah style can also be worn strapless or you can add the straps. I opted for the straps since I have two grabby kids and really wasn’t looking to give everyone at the hotel a show πŸ™‚

Simply put, I love my Magicsuit swimsuit. It fits my body wonderfully, curves and all and gives me the confidence to hit the pool with my girls and have a great time. AND, when I think of putting on a bathing suit, I don’t hear this anymore –
Miraclesuit Swimsuit post-baby

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8 thoughts on “I’ve Got Post-Baby Swimsuit Confidence Thanks To My Miraclesuit Swimsuit

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ That means a lot to me, it’s so hard getting in a swimsuit alone let alone for the first time post-baby. I love this swimsuit and don’t think I’ll ever wear another brand, they are awesome!

    1. Thank you! You’ll love these swimsuits they are great, I was looking at the new styles that came out just yesterday and they are beautiful – you’ll love them!

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