It’s Smart to Have a First-Aid Kit Available

Most people organize their life in a way that keeps them injury free. If you have ever had your mother ask you to pick up your toys, the main reason is to avoid the injury that can occur as a result of someone stepping on a hard plastic jagged edged object. Life is, of course, not perfect and injuries of all kinds happen, like scrapes, bruises, and cuts. It is always good to have a kit or two at home with antibacterial ointment, bandages, and bandaids for such injuries. Sometimes you have to go to a doctor for help and sometimes you can take care of your injury yourself.

Assess the Accident Situation

Whenever you or a member of your family is hurt, it is important to assess the injury. The first thing to do on most injuries involving blood is to clean the area as quickly as possible, put antibacterial ointment made for scrapes, and then stop the bleeding with a band-aid or a bandage depending on the size of the scrape or cut. There are also butterfly band-aids and now glues that act as both excellent wound seals and antibacterial in one. Dermabond is a type of injury glue they use in the medical field that has improved healing. The glue is made for the skin and works well. If you get an injury that does not break the skin, ice it immediately. See if you can walk and put pressure as usual.

Save Money, But Don’t Take Chances

Some people like to run to the doctor for every little thing that happens. The truth is, the body is made to heal itself in the case of minor injuries. It is better to not take any chances. If you take care of the wound, whether it is inside or out, and start to feel better, you probably do not need to go to a doctor. When pain persists and the injury is more than you can handle, it is probably time to go to the doctor. In any event, if you or someone’s life is in immediate danger of not being able to be sustained, call the ambulance. Doctors can sometimes charge you way more for an injury you could have possibly taken care of yourself. You do want to be more safe than sorry.

Avoiding Injuries

The best medicine is to avoid injury altogether. The slower you move when learning something, the less likely you are to get injured. Sleeping eight hours a night usually relieves fatigue. Fatigue is one of the biggest causes of injury. When you have lowered your senses, you can be clumsy and not react well. Clumsiness can cause a lot of injuries. If you work with machinery, make sure everything is in proper order. It is good to know the dangers of whatever you are doing so you can avoid them. These are simple ways to avoid injury. Of course, everyone gets injured at least once or twice in their life. The important part is to put in an effort to avoid injury.

Once Injured

Whether you go to the doctor or not, you usually have to maintain your injury. When you have split open your injury, you leave yourself open for infection. By continually keeping your injury clean and putting new bandages on, you are doing the right thing. You can also take pain relievers to help tolerate the pain until you are healed. Eating fruits vegetables, lean protein, and grains will help the healing process go faster. Also, drink as much water as you can and low sugar drinks to also help the healing process and stay hydrated.

Injuries and wounds happen every day. Have stocked kits in your car and at home to be prepared. Nowadays, your phone can help you assess how bad your injury is and whether you need to go to the doctor or hospital. Just use your best judgment and listen to those around you. It helps if the people around you have good judgment too. No matter what, always take the best care of yourself.

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