It pays to play

Used under creative comms licence, credit: Donnie Ray Jones

We all know playing with our children is a great way to help them develop, learn and understand how to interact with people from all ages, from toddlers to grandparents alike. Play also helps to build their confidence and co-ordination, not mention tiring themselves out which is definitely a plus for busy parents after a long day!

Below are some fresh ideas aimed at entertaining over the summer holidays

Used under creative comms licence, credit: Donnie Ray Jones

Playing school

Create a real classroom feel by putting together kids tables and chairs to really enhance their play time not only will this get them used to the general feel of school life they will be experiencing in the future, it gives you chance to stimulate their minds through early years books. You can also give them creative toys like play dough, building blocks or jigsaws – all of these are great tools for developing kids mentally.

Ball games

Are a great way to help keep the little ones active and healthy. Running, turning and jumping are all great movements that will help them build their strength, flexibility & co-ordination. Who you knows you may also discover you have a young sports star on your hands!

Turn off the television

So this may not be a game as such but I think it’s definitely an important point to make. Why not impose a television curfew, especially during the holidays? This way the kids are much less likely to sit inside and be inactive, keeping both the mind and body in shape is key to helping our children develop into well rounded and healthy adolescents, while it may seem a quick fix to have them mesmerised by the TV to give ourselves a break, ultimately it’s not going to help them in the long run.

Mini chefs

Having them help out in the kitchen may sound to some like a bit of a nightmare but it’s a great way to teach the little ones about healthy choices from a very young age. Getting them used to handling vegetables and fruit early on is a sure way of setting them on the road to a healthy future.

Finally it’s important to remember to keep whatever you are doing fun! The occasional positive re-enforcement can go a long way. Different children learn in different ways and at varying speeds, so why not find your inner child and help ensure it pays the play!

F is for Fun

Used under creative comms licence, credit: Donnie Ray Jones

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