I’m on the Netflix Stream Team and My Latest Addition #OrangeIsTheNewBlack

My family has never had a streaming subscription. We pay an insane amount of money for our satellite cable but Netflix asked me to join their Stream Team. A few weeks later this pretty package arrived with everything we needed to start our Netflix adventures –

I was very excited to give streaming entertainment a try with my family and I LOVE it!


Each of us have our own Netflix user and it gives us the opportunity to watch our favorite shows on demand and it helps us discover new shows based on the movies and shows we watch and like.

Being a mom of two young children finding time to watch a show at a specific time is a thing of the past and Netflix lets me watch it on my own time. 

Now, I’ll tell you my latest addiction thanks to my Netflix account. The Netflix original show, Orange is The New Black. I was sucked in by the great story lines and the characters. I’ve spent hours catching up on the main character’s (Piper Chapman) journey through her prison sentence. 

orange is the new black

It’s become my guilty pleasure watching Piper get sucked into the realities and drama of prison life. My husband will tell you I go on and on telling him about all the episodes 🙂 

In a matter of a week and a half I watched the entire first season and was very sad when I reached the end. Now, I’m left here until the season premiere in June. I kinda wish I would have milked out the first season a bit longer.

Now, I’m trying to find my next great show to get addicted to. 

My entire family loves Netflix, it has so many of my three year olds favorite shows and some new favorites too. Pinky’s latest favorite is the PBS series Super Why and Daniel Tiger. There are also some new Disney movies and some of my old favorites that I’ve gotten to share with my girls, today we watched Disney’s The Aristocats and my oldest loved it. 

Do you have Netflix? What show(s) have you become a fan of thanks to Netflix?

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I received a Netflix membership and Roku device for my participation as a Netflix Stream Team member. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “I’m on the Netflix Stream Team and My Latest Addition #OrangeIsTheNewBlack

  1. Yes, I have Netflix and am totally obsessed with Orange is the New Black! Can not wait for season two. I also really enjoyed season one and two of House of Cards.

    1. That came up in my suggestions, I’ll have to check it out. Now I’m watching Hemlock Grove and it’s really good if your into sci-fi kinda stuff!

  2. I have heard so many people talking about how much they love Orange is the New Black. I really want to get netflix so I can see it now. My guilty pleasure is Walking Dead…. I go into withdrawals when I have to go without (like right now when it is between seasons)…

  3. Congrats! How much fun! We love Orange… House of Cards is our favorite, though. They also have back episodes of the best drama ever, The Wire!

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