iBaby Monitor Review : Finally a WiFi Baby Monitor for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad : Available at Radio Shack

iBaby Monitor

iBaby MonitorWhen Daddy Digger and I set out to find a baby monitor when Baby Digger was born we knew we wanted to have a video monitor. While there were plenty of options we had trouble finding one that was also WiFi ready and that we could check on our computers or iphone. We didn’t have luck finding it back then but now the iBaby Labs has the new iBaby Monitor, available at Radio Shack, and I was lucky enough to be sent one to review! The iBaby monitor is the first baby monitor that has unparalled rotation and piviting motion that you can control right from your iphone or computer. When your baby moves or cries it activates alerts so you can comfort your baby or tell your toddler to get back into bed 🙂 and it has 2-way audio capability.


  • Camera rotates and pivots to follow your baby’s movement
  • Remotely control the camera with your iOS device from anywhere
  • Clear video resolution and 2-way audio capability lets you see, listen, talk and sing to baby
  • Baby’s movement or cry activates alerts to you
  • Take unlimited pictures with photo capture
  • Up to 4 devices + 4 users share control
  • Infrared night vision lets you see without waking baby

iBaby Monitor Review

Start Up and Installation:

Setting it up was relativly simple and quick. The camera comes out of the box ready to use and you just screw on the wireless antenna. Next, you plug the camera into your network (internet connection) and then you can set it up with your wireless settings. It certainly helped that my husband know all about computers and wireless networks.. Next, you just download the free app to your iPhone or iPad and follow the setup instructions. Once you have completed the setup you’ll be connected to the monitor.

If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone you can install the iBaby software onto your computer or access it with your web browser. To view on a browser setup was a bit more technically involved because we were concerned with security so we scanned the network and located ipCam (which is the iBaby camera) and it displays the IP address associated with the camera. Next, Daddy Digger created a custom port for better security, otherwise it defaults to 80 which is a standard default web port so we felt more comfortable using our own assigned port to make it more secure.

What I think of the iBaby Monitor:

iBaby Monitor on the iPhoneWe set our camera up to be wireless so I can easily move it throughout the house and plug-in the camera into whatever room we want.I think this is great because during the day I take it downstairs and that way Daddy Digger can check in on Baby Digger just for fun while he’s at work and we’re at home and no matter what room it is in I am able to move the camera around to see pretty much anywhere in the room! On our iPhone and iPad moving the camera was very easy by just swiping your finger to move the camera in whatever direction you like.

The iBaby Monitor has infrared vision so even when your child is sleeping and the lights are off you get a clear picture of your little one slumbering (or sometimes, not so much slumbering) 🙂 The quality of the infrared vision is great, way better than our old monitor which made it look green and weird, the iBaby Monitor infrared is clear and crisp just take a look:

iBaby Monitor Infrared Nightime Vision

Another cool feature is the alerts, the iBaby Monitor will alert you if movement or sounds are detected and you can set the sensitivity of each right on your iPad or iPhone. You can also interact with using the 2-way audio features but you need a speaker attached to the camera in order to use this function which we do not have, it would be great if it had an internal speaker built-in.

The one thing that our old baby video monitor had that I wish this one did is the ability to zoom in and out since I don’t have the camera too close to her crib it would be nice to get a more close up view of her without having to move the entire camera closer.

The app does have a few bugs we noticed like when turning it on it wouldn’t always connect and we’d have to restart it again. It has done this a few times so I’m hoping they come out with a bug fix for this.

iBaby Web Based InterfaceI also love that you can use your web browser to view the monitor as well. It took a little more technical know how to figure out how to do it but all-in-all it was easy to setup, secure and be able to view online.

While there are a couple of things I would change I’m overall very happy with the iBaby Monitor, the picture quality is great and you can see virtually anywhere in the room no side to side and up and down and eventually we’ll get a speaker to hook up to take full advantage of the 2-way-audio. Plus, being able to use it anywhere in the house and being able to access it anywhere in the world is pretty awesome! As a parent, it gives great peace of mind to keep a close on on her no matter where she is in the room, playing, sleeping or getting into trouble 🙂

If you are a pet owner the iBaby monitor is also great for pet owners to keep an eye on them while your at work! I keep an eye on my dog from time to time and found out he doesn’t move from the couch all day long! Too funny!

Buy It!
The iBaby Monitor is available at Radio Shack for $199.


15 thoughts on “iBaby Monitor Review : Finally a WiFi Baby Monitor for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad : Available at Radio Shack

  1. We just got the old fashioned baby monitor where we could listen to him. Then again I don’t think the poor kid has been alone for more than 5 minutes his entire life.

  2. this is really neat, I wish that there was items like this when my kids were small

  3. It looks like the one that i have, mine is a Bebecam and i just paid $99.99 for it We adore our Bebecam, it is amazing and very affordable. I know someone that got an ibaby was broken, costumer service was terrible etc etc etc. But well who knows i give Bebecam 5 stars, is good that ibaby works for you. Thanks for making reviews of new products.


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  5. I wish they had these when my kids were babies- it really could have come in handy being deaf and all! But I got through those baby times just fine. This is really innovative and neat.

  6. We are in the market for a video monitor. I’m not sure I like the fact you can only see your child on your phone, ipad etc. What If I am using my phone but want to see my child as well? It’s a good idea but I feel like it should have a monitor and you should also be able to access from your devices as well.

  7. Love our iBaby but annoyed that if I’m home and set an alarm for sound or motion my husband is alerted, too. Not cool if he’s in a meeting at work! Have you had this too or do you know how to fix??

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