I Am In Love… With Our Pergo XP Flooring!

Pergo XP Durablity 3 Months

I’ve recieved so many emails asking about how our Pergo XP flooring has been holding up so I thought it would be a great time to give an update. First off, let me just say that I am in love. Our Pergo XP floor has been installed for 3 months now and has seen it all to say the least – Pinky dropping and dragging toys over it, our 70lbs dog running back and forth on it, our cat puking, and the worst of all our dog pooping, diarrhea to be exact, all over it and running through it (yeah, that was a bad end to the day when we got home.) Our flooring has truly seen it all in these past 3 months, BUT, I’m very happy to say that it looks as good as the day we installed it! There are NO scratches, NO dents, NO divots and NO marks! Even with our dog running back and forth along virtually the same path throughout the day to go outside the floor looks great. I am very impressed with Pergo XP and how perfect it looks even with all its already been put through in these 3 months! It truly can take on anything even in the high traffic areas of your home.

Even though the room is not finished yet, I wanted to share some photos of how beautiful the flooring looks. We are having our built-ins installed (hopefully soon), but until then we are we are waiting to finish the moulding and finishing touches and I’m chomping at the bits to have our built-in bookshelves installed! So here it is, our beautiful Hand Sawn Oak Oak Pergo XP floor –

Pergo XP Durablity 3 Months

Pergo XP Durablity 3 months CloseupA close-up of our Pergo XP flooring, you can see an example of what our dogs does to wood with the moulding at the top of the photo. You wouldn’t know it by looking at our floors, there is not a mark on them!

If you are looking for a floor that is beautiful and durable to boot you should definitely check out the Pergo XP line! It will stand up to everything you, your kids and your furry kids put it through and come out each time looking perfect! Stay tuned for a photo of our finished room! I am beyond excited to have the built-in bookshelves installed and I’m also thinking of doing a window seat in the bay window area. It will be the perfect little spot to cozy up and read a book with Pinky!

We received our Pergo XP flooring for purpose of this honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

56 thoughts on “I Am In Love… With Our Pergo XP Flooring!

  1. I hope to replace the flooring through most of our house someday. We have mostly carpet, and it seems like every couple of days one of the cats puke on the carpet. I want something much easier to clean

  2. Hi Brynn,
    We are in the process of some renos and have been considering Pergo XP laminate – toss up between Highland Hickory, Hand Sawn Oak and Cross Sawn Chestnut. I’m leaning towards the oak but I have an oak bedroom set and I’m afraid if there is to much red/orange tones it may not work. I’m waiting for samples before making the final decision but am curious as to how happy you are with your floor.

    1. I’m very happy with my floors! If you do go with a oak you could always separate the colors a bit with an area rug. You’re going to love this flooring, its the most durable in my home!

  3. How have you cleaned your floors? We are planning on installing Pergo XP throughout our main floor. Do you use vinegar/water mix on a barely wet mop? What has worked for you? Thanks!

  4. Watched your YouTube video review on Pergo XP, you mentioned a link that pergo had showing elephant traffic etc., but I could not find it. Can you email me that link.
    Home Improvement Contractor, Providence, RI

  5. Hello – I am considering installing Pergo Hand Sawn Oak. Can you describe the state of your floors since being installed in 2012? How is it holding up?

    1. Hi Alex! It’s holding up very well and I’m still happy with it. No scratches or knicks. The ONLY thing that has happened and it was my fault was when my daughters opened up bubbles in the house without my knowledge some got on the flooring and sat to long and it warped a bit, we had to replace one board but all in all it’s held up beautifully and still looks like the day we installed it.

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