Huggies New & Improved Snug & Dry Diapers and Simply Clean Wipes Keep Baby Digger Dry and Clean

Huggies Snug & Dry-Diapers and Simply Clean Wipes

HuggiesHuggies Snug & Dry-Diapers and Simply Clean WipesSince Baby Digger was born I’ve tried many different brands of diapers and wipes. There have been many that haven’t quite stood up to the test and some pretty messy failures along the way. The only brand that has worked for us time and time again is Huggies. I switched to Huggies when she was 4 months old because the diapers we had been using started to leak constantly. I tried just about every brand name and cheaper store versions to try and find what worked, and hands down it was Huggies

Huggies recently improved their Snug & Dry diapers and wipes and we received a package of each to put them to the test. Huggies Snug & Dry diapers now feature an improved Leak Lock that will pull wetness away from baby’s skin and lock it away. We put the newly improved diapers to the test when we ran errands and did some shopping over the weekend. Now, whenever I give her a full sippy cup she feels like she has to drink it all immediately, well you know what happens then, it all comes out at the same time too – she really knows how to put a diaper to the test! After a few hours of shopping I was pleased again with Huggies when we arrived home and her diaper kept her dry and leak free. We’ve been using them for over a week now and they’ve really done a great job keeping her dry and we haven’t been any leaks. The SnugFit waistband and Grip Tabs work great so that the diaper fits securely and comfortably on her. The stopping guards around the legs and waist keep all the wetness in no matter how much she runs, dances or crawls, I love them!

Huggies Snug & Dry Review

When it comes to diaper blow outs and epic messes I learned early on that the wipes that got the job done were Huggies wipes. I’ve used Huggies wipes since day one because I just love that they are thick and that means I don’t have to use a ton to take care of a poopy butt or a mealtime mess. They are soft and delicate for your baby’s skin and are fragrance and alcohol free. The thickness and texture of the wipes make them perfect for any messy situation, blow outs and spaghetti nights included.

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8 thoughts on “Huggies New & Improved Snug & Dry Diapers and Simply Clean Wipes Keep Baby Digger Dry and Clean

  1. Love Huggies! We use them primarily with our 2 year old and now the Huggies Pure & Natural are the only ones that don’t cause a horrible rash for our newborn!

  2. We have a live in granddaughter and mommy had been trying new diapering products to find the best one. Our house is FULL of babies now with day care here and are finding the Huggies products to be pretty good! I used strictly Huggies for the last 2 of my 6 kids. I had not heard of the Pure and Natural line, but princess had some skin issues so maybe Mommy will give that a try;) Thanks for the review!

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