How to Know Your Girlfriend Is Wife Material

If you’re dating a woman and plan a serious relationship with her, it’s understandable that you want to know for sure that she is the one. At the initial stage of your relationship, it’s hard to be sensible and pragmatic because you’re overwhelmed by your feelings and think that your girlfriend is perfect. However, when euphoria wears off and you start thinking about your future with this person, it’s important to look at your couple from the side. At Ukrainian Dating web site, we surveyed a dozen of married men and found out how they understood their girlfriends should become their wives.

She loves you for who you are. You don’t have to pretend when you’re with your girlfriend. You can be yourself and she totally accepts you. She is aware of your strong and weak points and she praises and supports you when you need it. She never makes you feel embarrassed.

You’re physically compatible. Sex is an important part of a relationship. It’s obvious. Partners should have similar views on their intimate life. If she’s the one, you’re sexually attracted to her at all times of the day, whether she has her makeup on or not. Also, you need to feel that your passion will not run dry in a year or two or ten.

You look in the same direction. A healthy marriage is possible only when partners have similar values and goals in life. It means you should discuss your future and share your thoughts about how you see your life together.

She is a personality. She is a mature and integral person. She has her own interests and hobbies and aims at self-improvement. You may have different interests but you should never prevent each other from doing your favorite things.

She is smart. She is an interesting interlocutor and you never run out of subjects to discuss. She can challenge you and that’s what you like about her. She has a good sense of humor and understands your jokes.

She is your biggest fan. You know that whatever happens she will comfort you. She is sincerely happy for your achievements and she is always there when you need her support. She is the one who encourages you and believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

She can find a compromise. Look at how your girlfriend responds when you work through an argument. If she doesn’t shift the blame on you but tries to figure everything out and find a compromise, put a ring on her finger. It shows her commitment to your couple and this is a very important quality of a future wife.

She is your priority. You can compare her to a breath of fresh air. If something good or bad happens to you, the first person you want to open up to is she. When you’re with her, you feel that everything is in its place.

She is your friend. Partners should be not only lovers but first of all, they should be friends. What do friends do? They spend time together, have fun, share secrets, support each other, and make each other happy. If you can call your girlfriend your best friend whom you love endlessly, buy a ring and propose to her.

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