How Bingo Unites Families


Family game nights seem to be a thing of the past. But really, what better way to gather a family together and cultivate a home of connectedness and fun than with a game of bingo? In fact, we believe that one of the oldest games of all, Bingo, is a great way to gather families together on an old fashioned game night. Forget the television and put aside your gadgets; come together for a game of bingo with your family!

A History

A similar version to today’s Bingo was first introduced in the early 1500s in Italy. The game quickly gained popularity across Europe, and people started playing it for leisure on a regular basis. By the 1920s, the rest of the world had taken notice and people worldwide were playing the version of Bingo we have come to know and love today.

As with all old trends, Bingo quickly came to be known as an old people’s game. The younger generations weren’t as apt to play. As such, Bingo became associated to church and charity organizations, played by middle-aged populations who had grown up with it as children.

So, Why Should Families Play Today?

Bingo is a game of chance that requires little-to- no previous knowledge of the game itself. It is one of the very few games that anyone of any age group can pick up quickly, without the arduous task of having to understand rigid game regulations. Additionally, in today’s world, you can even play bingo online, in that great way you can start easily with no obligations or real commitments. That is, great bingo sites are bountiful and plenty, so that you and your family can also enjoy games and free no deposit bingo bonus offers directly on your devices! It’s adaptability and availability are uncompromised. The vintage aesthetic and vibe have gained popularity these days with hipsters leading the trend.

Anything from earlier times is now coveted and enjoyed by these groups, and bingo is no exception. As younger populations tend to gravitate towards hipsterdom, it is interesting to see how bingo has finally become attractive for this group. This, in fact, makes it all that much easier for families to adopt bingo as a family game night option! With its popularity on the rise among younger generations, families can now enjoy a bingo game night with their kids easily and regularly.

Bingo is competitive enough for it to create a healthy dynamic within a household. Unlike other games which rely on a keen skill, bingo is mainly reliant on chance. As a result, you and your family can enjoy the game without evoking severe competitiveness that might take away from the fun socializing aspect of it all. Children can learn to play and compete mildly, and parents can learn to teach their kids that interacting with others in a game setting entails fun, not winning versus losing.

Bingo is a great option for game nights with your family! With the advent of younger generations gravitating to this game, it’s much easier to incorporate this within your home as a fun option for family get-togethers. Have fun!

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