Homeowner’s Guide: Top Tips for Carpet Care

The carpet and rugs in your home make your space look its best and it keep you comfortable all year round. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you worry about those spills and drips that afflict even the most careful among us.

You don’t have to replace your carpet though – you just need to be more vigilant. Use this guide from Rug cleaners Brooklyn to help you learn some top tips for carpet care in your home.

Employ them and your space will look better and you’ll save money in the long run.

1. Keep a bottle of club soda handy for those spills. You can buy little bottles of club soda in six-packs at most grocery stores, and they’re your best bet for quickly cleaning spills. Buy small bottles to keep each one carbonated, which makes the liquid more effective for removing spills and making sure your carpet doesn’t get stained.

2. Use durable carpet in rooms that get a lot of traffic. While you might be able to use that plush white carpet in the master bedroom, it isn’t a good idea for hallways or kids’ rooms. You’ll also want to avoid it in spaces where lots of food and drink are served or consumed.

3. Have your carpet cleaned at least once per year. Ideally, you’ll have your carpet cleaned two times per year – right at the beginning of spring and then about six months later. Doing that will ensure that your carpet looks its absolute best all year long.

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