Holiday Joy Filled Gift Guide: Bright Starts Having a Ball™ Alphabet Pop Top™ Review

Bright Starts Having a Ball™ Alphabet Pop Top™

Bright StartsBright Starts Having a Ball™ Alphabet Pop Top™

Bright Starts has so many fun toys for babies and toddlers and recently came out with a new collection called Having A Ball! The Having a Ball collection has lots of fun toys for birth on up to toddler and we recently tried out the Having a Ball Alphabet Pop Top! The moment our Alphabet Pop Top arrived and Baby Digger laid eyes on it she was excited. I took it out of the packaging loaded up the fun animal shaped balls into their compartments and let her at it.

Bright Starts Alphabet Pop Top ReviewIt comes with 4 colorful balls in the shape of an elephant, a cow, a pig and a bear, they are colorful and super cute! She quickly figured out how to push down the plunger and create the fun music filled light show and spinning action. On the third push the Alphabet Pop Top has a surprise and all the cute animals pop out (gently of course) onto the floor, she loves that part. She got up and placed a ball back into the toy and made it spin again until it again, popped out. She caught on very quickly to how the toy works and has a blast with it! Each of the colored letters on top can also be pushed and will light up and play a song or sound. It also helps baby learn by teaching alphabets and colors! Like all the Bright Starts toys we have, it’s wonderful quality and a big hit with Baby Digger!

Age: 6 to 36 Months

Push the plunger to spin the top and hear silly sounds, lights, and melodies
Melodies play while character balls spin around and then pop out for laugh out loud fun
Light up buttons teach ABC’s, colors, and objects
Each character ball is removable making them great for on-the-go fun

Additional Features:
Includes 2 AA batteries
Includes 4 character balls

Buy It!
The Bright Starts Having a Ball Alphabet Pop Top is available  for purchase at Toys R Us for $17.99.

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  1. she is too cute! i may get this for my nephew’s twins for Christmas, they are about 7 months old. guess i better get 2 of them!

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