Holiday Gift Guide: Zoomer Zuppies Interactive Puppy Review

My girls are animal lovers just like their father and myself. We passed on the animal loving gene. My oldest has asked for a puppy BUT there is no way another furry baby is coming into this house.

Our dog sheds about a puppy’s worth of hair a day. Well I found the perfect puppy for my little girl. The Zoomer Zuppies
interactive puppy. This is one puppy that I won’t have to potty train or chase after it with the vacuum cleaner picking its hair up.

Zoomer-Zuppies-Interactive-Puppy-Review Zoomer-Zuppies-Review

We received Candy from the Zoomer Zuppies family to review. She’s super cute with pink and white and little candy stripes.

Zoomer Zuppies are interactive and can play games. There are buttons on Zoomer Zuppies nose, head and back and the instruction booklet gives you the sequences you can push to unlock each of the games.

She responds to your touch and plays music, her LED eyes light up and move as you play with her. 

Her legs are set on wheels and can articulate. I know my daughter is going to want a collar and leash so she can get Candy to follow her around and play.

Here is me interacting a bit with our Candy Zoomer Zuppies –

Each dog has their own unique personality and moods like a real dog, so keep her happy by rubbing her belly, scratching her nose and patting her head. You can play games like Higher Lower with the robotic puppy to make her eyes light up in excitement, or you can press her nose and back to activate customizable music. Change the instrument sound from piano to guitar and then back again, and add Candy’s barks to the beat by tapping her head. Share your secrets with your Zuppy and watch as the puppy shares special tricks with you!


  • Plays music you can add barks to by tapping Candy’s head
  • Change Candy’s instrument sound from piano to guitar and back again
  • Keep the robotic dog happy to watch it do special tricks for you
  • Play games like Brick Breaker and High Lower with the puppy to make her eyes light up
  • Reacts to your belly rubs, head pats and the waves of your hand to create a unique bond with you
  • Shows distinct moods and features a loving, cuddly personality
  • Interacts with Zoomer (sold separately)
  • Requires three AAA batteries (not included)

Zoomer Zuppies are for children age 5+. I think this is a great affordable toy for any dog lover. It’s entertaining, cute and fun to play with her.

Buy It

Zoomer Zuppies are available at Amazon
Target and Toys R Us.

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