Holiday Gift Guide: Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel Exclusively at Costco

Pinypon Hotel from Costco

A new toy that I’m seeing everywhere now is Pinypon. What I love about Pinypon toys is that they encourage creative play and there are all sorts of fun playsets you can get and make a whole Pinypon to wn. They have launched their latest, the Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel at Costco club stores nationwide, just in time for the holidays and we got to check it out!

Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel

We’ve never had any Pinypon toys until our Weekend Getaway Hotel came and I love that you can customize each of the Pinypon figures with different clothes, hair and bottoms. Pinky has fun playing with her figurines all on their own!

Pinypon Figure

The Weekend Getaway Hotel set comes with 50-pieces! Yes, that’s a whole lot of pieces but thankfully when your child is done playing it can all be self contained within the hotel.

Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel

Pinypon Hotel from Costco

When you take it out of the box it’s not quite ready for play yet, there is quite a bit to put together and a lot of stickers that need to be put on. It took me some time to get it all together and ready for Pinky to play with. Once it was done she had lots of fun playing with it so my time was definitely well spent putting it all together.

Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel Review

The set comes with 4 dolls with interchangeable parts, a car, and other accessories like beds, tv’s, desks, lamps and lots more. You can have tons of fun checking in and out of the Pinypon hotel going up the stairs and hanging out in your room or even go hang out by the pool.

There were lots of pieces that I did end up packing away that I didn’t want Pinky to have because they were too small and I know they’d end up in the mouth of my 10-month-old so I put them aside for when they are both older.

Pinypon Hotel

I really like that it can all be packed up and tucked away within the hotel and another cool little feature is that it is lockable and has a special key to open it back up, pretty neat!

Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel Playset

I’m really happy with the Pinypon Weekend Hotel and Pinky has lots of fun playing with hers. If you shop at Costco I would definitely recommend putting it on your list if you have a child 4 or up.

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Buy It: The Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel is sold exclusively at Costco for $29.99.

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I received the Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel Exclusively at Costco

  1. I like toys like this that inspire a child’s imagination. My little granddaughter would have hours of fun with this toy.

  2. Those are the cutest toys! Even though the colors are sort of girly , I still think my grandson would enjoy playing with it and using his imagination!

  3. this looks super cute and like a lot of fun! I didnt shop much at Costco for the Holiday but my niece sure would have loved this.

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