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Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll

Little Mommy Doctor Mommy DollA few months ago I took Pinky to her 2 year old checkup appointment and ever since she absolutely loves to play doctor. She comes up to me at random times throughout the day and says “Doctor Mommy” and tells me to say “ahhh” as she checks me out. It’s such a fun age and I’m all about finding new toys and dolls for her to play pretend. With her new found love of playing doctor I had a good feeling that the Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll would be right up her alley.

Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll The Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll is an interactive doll that encourages children to play pretend mommy while nurturing and caring for a baby. She says a number of phrases like – “I feel kind of hot”, “Mommy, I have a tummy ache” and “I’m all stuffed up”. Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll She comes with all the doctor tools you need to treat her and make her feel all better – a stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, tongue depressor, syringe, bandage, medicine dropper, and name tag. She also comes with a carrying case which is great for keeping all the doctor tools together. Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll Tools The doll responds to the tools differently, when you place the tongue depressor in her mouth she says, “Ahhhh” and the medicine dropper will make her slurp. I really like the stethoscope that blinks and makes a heartbeat sound when you place it on her chest. I really like the stethoscope  its sparkly and when you place it on her chest it blinks and makes a heartbeat sound. The only tools that she doesn’t respond to is the booster shot and the bandage. Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll with fever Another thing I really like about this doll is that you can cure her. When she gets a fever her head will noticeably light upand turn red indicating that shes hot. When you give her medicine, her fever will go away and the light turns back off. It’s great because your child can see that they are helping her get better and making a difference. Plus, when she feels better she’ll say, “I love you, Mommy!” – so sweet and she’s got the sweetest little voice!

This doll is recommended for children 2 and up and requires 3 AA batteries (not included). There is an on/off switch which is good for saving battery power when she’s not being played with. I really don’t know any little girl that wouldn’t have a great time playing with this doll and I would definitely recommend her, she’d make a wonderful holiday gift!

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Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll is available to purchase on for $39.99 or at a retailer near you.

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide | Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll Review

  1. These dolls remind me of the ones from way back! They are so adorable! I love her hair too! Some little girl is going to play doctor and hopefully grow up to be one! Great review!

  2. This is so cute I just love it , so would my great grand daughter. First off I like that if she has a fever her head lights up so the child knows where the doll hurts. This is nice too that children get used to some of the things a doctor will use on them and they wont have to be afraid. I absolutely love all the sounds it says to

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