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Lifeproof iPhone Case Review

LifeproofI was so excited when I got my first iPhone, I had a couple of Android phones prior and while they were okay I’ve been so much happier with my iPhone. iPhones aren’t cheap and I wanted to take every precaution possible when choosing the case for my phone and had the wonderful opportunity to put the LifeProof iPhone case to the test. LifeProof iPhone and iPad cases are waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof all in a sleek low profile case that doesn’t make your phone awkward and bulky.

Lifeproof iPhone Case Review

I received the iPhone 4 case in white and grey and just look at how nice it looks on my phone.

Lifeproof iPhone Case Review

How does it perform?
Having a toddler that is obsessed with my phone, my LifeProof case has been put through the test of sticky fingers, juice spills and rough housing and it’s taken the beatings with ease. My phone is still in perfect working condition without a scratch on it.

The LifeProof Case has easy buttons to access for volume and quiet mode. The screen protector is thick and does a great job at protecting the screen but I do find myself having to tap just a bit harder on the screen, not too much so it’s not really a big deal and you adapt to it quickly. The only downfall I’ve found is the access to the charging plug, it flips open but not all the way so I can’t use my phone on a docking station with my LifeProof case on but there is a doc connector you can purchase from LifeProof to do this.

I really love this case, I can hand my daughter my phone so she can play with her games without worry and with how clutzy I can be I know my phone can really take a beating, even if it falls into a puddle or snow. It is still sleek and light and doesn’t feel bulky or awkward to hold. I would definitely recommend this case to any iPhone or iPad users looking for the ultimate protection for your device.

Lifeproof Bar MountLifeProof Bike and Bar Mount
In addition to my LifeProof case I also have been using the LifeProof Bike and Bar Mount and I’ve been using mine on our stroller. It’s been wonderful for the holidays with all the shopping lists and keeping track of all the daily errands and appointments while we’re out and about. It’s easy to place or remove the phone and holds it in place with a locking mechanism. It also works on grocery carts so you can have your grocery list right in front of you without fumbling with your phone or doing it the old fashioned way with an awkward list your pulling in and out of your purse. It really is a great add-on for your LifeProof case if your a mom or even for exercise and biking.

Buy It!
LifeProof cases and accessories are available at the LifeProof website. The LifeProof  iPhone case is $69.99 and it comes in a wide variety of color choices to suit your personality.

Win It!
One Mommy Digger reader will win a LifeProof case. To enter fill out the rafflecopter form below. Ends 1/7 at 11:59PM EST.

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