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RC Helicopter


RC Helicopter

Each year I like to get my husband a fun gift that brings out the kid in him. Last year, he received his first RC helicopter that my parents bought him and he’s loved it ever since. So this year, I decided to get him another that is a bit bigger and can be used both indoors and out. Radio Shack has many RC helicopters to choose from in all different price ranges. I chose the Interactive Toy Concepts® Interceptor RC Helicopter because it can be used both indoors and out and has a control range of 30 ft.

RC Intercepter Helicopter Review

I tested it out myself and found it very easy to fly, but if your looking for more of a challenge there is also a pro-mode that can be set with the turn of a knob on the controller. It has a rotor gyro that makes it nice and stable so you can fly around easily up and down, left and right, forward and backward or even do a 360 without losing control. The controller has 2 joysticks, one for take off and landing and the other is for steering. I really like that it comes with replacement parts if in the event you have a crash and one of the tail rotors or connectors breaks.

RC Intercepter Helicopter RadioShack Review

It’s lots of fun to fly whether your a pro or amateur like me! Just be sure to stay away from the propellers, they go fast and do hurt if you happen to get hit by them which is why the recommended age is 12 and up. I wouldn’t recommend younger children playing with it for this reason.


  • Incredibly easy and stable to fly
  • 12” length
  • Indoor/outdoor helicopter with 3-ch. control
  • Control distance: 30 ft.
  • Batteries: 1 X 9V (not included), AC adaptor (included)
  • Ages 12+

If your looking for a RC Helicopter for your child this is great for 12 years and up and is also perfect for the big kid on your list!

Buy It!
The Interactive Toy Concepts® Interceptor RC Helicopter is available at Radio Shack for $59.99.

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11 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide | Interactive Toy Concepts® Interceptor RC Helicopter from Radio Shack Review

  1. The “big kid” on my list definitely would like this – my husband is totally eyeballing this over my shoulder right now. Do you want one for Christmas, honey? 😉

  2. It sounds like it’s a lot of fun. We have an open field across from our house and this would be perfect for my grandsons. I’m sure they would love flying it around.

  3. My dad, who is a “big kid”, would love this! We try to get him a RC every year, but they’re so expensive and he wouldn’t have time to play with it. But I think he’d make time for this!

  4. Ages 12 and up – well this is something that alot of older guys would like to have to play around with , namely my son and hes 35 LOL but boys will be boys they love them toys. Nice looking helicopter which would definately make a great Christmas present for him. Thanks for the pictures and the review on it.

  5. These are SO much fun! But, we made the mistake of getting one for our son who was too young. And a dad who did not read the directions. No good supervision ended in a helio tragedy. These things are amazing but they are not the sturdiest. I’d say the 12 year + rating is pretty safe. Although, maybe an age category of 45 if the man STILL cant read the instructions. LOL!

    1. Oh no! Yeah, the age rating is definitely right on for this toy but of course you need to read the directions too LOL! My husband is the same way with directions 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness. My husband would love this too! =) This past Christmas, I got my hubby a remote control car that is directed by his iPhone! haha So, needless to say, he loves stuff like this! Men are such overgrown kids! haha

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