Holiday Gift Guide: Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary Review

My Pinky is a doodler and loves to “write” I quote this because she’s only yet just mastered writing her own name but she loves to work on writing her letters. So, I thought a little journal of her own would make a great stocking stuffer for her. When I heard about the Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary. I thought it sounded perfect for her!


Inside this enchanted diary lies a magical secret waiting to be discovered. Open its pages to reveal the most delicate butterfly as it gracefully flies across your room. Each elegant dance of its wings is a sign that magic is real. Open your Dairy’s secret compartment and discover your very own journal where you can share your thoughts, dreams and magical wishes. Enchanted secrets are waiting to be discovered inside the magical pages of your Surprise Butterfly Diary! Not only is it a diary it holds a magic flying butterfly that will fly out of the book as you open it. Pinky loves all things magical and whimsical so I know she’ll get a huge thrill out of it! Here is a short video that shows how it works – It’s so much fun and she’ll love having a special place to keep all her doodles and practice her writing.

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The Flutterbye Surprise Butterfly Diary is available on Amazon and in Toys R Us stores.

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