Holiday Gift Guide : Flutterbye Deluxe Light-Up Fairy Toy Review

Flutterbye Fairy Review

I received a Flutterbye Fairy for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
My husband loves toy helicopters and my girls do too. They get so excited when he brings out his helicopter and want so badly to play with it but the controls are far too confusing. Another thing my girls love is fairies ever since they saw Tinkerbell they were in love.

The Flutterbye Fairy sounded like the perfect toy for them because not only is it a fairy but it can fly and they don’t need a controller to make this toy fairy fly.

You see, Flutterbye Fairies are controlled with your hands! Just hold your hands out under your fairy and she’ll stay flying in the air.

We reviewed the newest Flutterbye Fairy – the Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy
who not only flies but puts on a really neat light show as she soars through the air.


Once you take your fairy out of the packaging she’ll need to charge for about 30 minutes after placing the batteries in. 


My girls are 4 and almost 2 and while the toy is recommended for 5+ both of them had no trouble at all figuring out how it works. You just place the fairy on the base and push the large button and she’ll take off. 


Pinky and Loo Loo love following their fairy around and keeping her in flight. It’s so adorable watching them run around giggling playing together with their Flutterbye Fairy.

Flutterbye Fairy Review

I even have fun playing with this toy, it is just too neat! I would have gone gaga for it at their age.

Here is a quick video of my girls having fun playing with their Flutterbye Fairy –

You get about an hour of playtime per charge and once she starts to need another charge she’ll stop taking off or only stay flying for a few moments before coming back down again. Then you’ll just need to set her on her base and connect the cord and let her charge for another 30 minutes.

My girls watch the LED indicator light like hawks waiting for it to go from red to green indicating that she’s ready to fly again.

The Flutterbye Fairy is one of the coolest toys I’ve seen and it keeps my girls entertained for hours a day! This toy comes highly recommended by me and I can see why it’s made it to the top of numerous hot toys of 2014 lists.

Flutterbye Fairies come in a variety of colors and styles, check them all out at the Flutterbye Fairy website.


Buy It:

The Flutterbye Deluxe Light Up Rainbow Fairy is available on Amazon for $25 (please note that Amazon prices change often.) It is also available at Target, Walmart, Kmart and Toys R Us.



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