Holiday Gift Guide: Disney Princess Toddler Dolls Review

Dolls have been a big deal in our house for a couple of years now. My youngest recently became very obsessed with taking care of dolls and carrying them around but usually they are her sisters dolls. So this Christmas I wanted to get her some of her very own.


The Disney Princess Toddler Dolls are a perfect introductory doll for a two year old. We received the My First Disney Princess Belle Toddler Doll to review.

The dolls have new royal reflection eyes and as you can see in my picture of her they are perfectly “Disney-like” eyes.

She’s super sweet looking and pretty with flowing curls and of course a crown atop her head.

The dress is sparkly with a scene from Beauty and the Beast in pretty pink glitter.

My First Disney Toddler Review

What I love about the dolls besides the fact that they are cute and Disney is that they are durable. My girls carry them, drop them and love on them and they hold up to it. They are also very affordable so if something were to happen to one it wouldn’t hurt your wallet to replace her.

Buy It

If you have a doll lover or Disney lover that you need to find a cute, fun and affordable gift for check out the entire line of Disney Princess Toddler Dolls. They are available in stores and on Amazon for around $14.99.

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