Holiday Gift Guide: Design & Drill BrightWorks Review

My girls have always loved playing with daddy’s tools. They love working with their hands and helping him fix things or build things around the house.

When I saw the Design & Drill® BrightWorks™ toy I was excited because they would be able to use their very own drill tool to create their very own creations.


design-and-drill-reviewThe Design & Drill® BrightWorks™ comes with a light up activity board, power drill, a flat tip drill bit and a socket bit and 80 bolts. Your child can create different patterns, use their hand-eye coordination, match and use problem solving skills – all while having fun and playing.

This toy reminds me a lot of the light bright toys I had growing up and it’s really cool to see lit up with the brightly colored bolts.

The drill is really powered so the kids get a kick out of using a “real” tool.

This toy is great for a wide range of ages from 3-6 and both of my girls are at either end of that range and both really love playing with it creating pretty designs and patterns.

design-and-drillThis toy is great for building fine motor skills and encouraging creativity and using their imaginations.

The Design & Drill® BrightWorks™ toy is available at Educational Insights for $39.99.

I received this toy in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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