Holiday Gift Guide | Brave Merida Doll from Mattel Review

Disney Brave Merida Doll Review

Disney Brave Merida Doll

Brave is one of my favorite children’s movies that came out this year. I love that the storyline revolves around a mother and daughter and the importance of family. I also love the spirit of Merida to shes just full of life and spunk! Pinky and I watched it on DVD a couple of weeks ago and she was just enthralled in it! She loves playing pretend with dolls and so the Merida Doll from Mattel is a great gift for her.

Disney Brave Merida Doll Review

The Merida doll has the signature beautiful long curly fiery red hair that you can style and comb (comb included). They did a great job recreating her beautiful turquoise dress with gold accents and her freckles are just too cute. If you have a Merida fan in your house like me they are sure to love her!

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The Merida doll from Mattel is available at Amazon for $11.99

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  1. This is such a cute doll , freckles and all . Im sure my great grand daughter and or niece would love this for Christmas. Just like in the movie Brave. I like how the story line of the movie is all about the importance of family – thats a good thing

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