Hidy Ho! Kermit the Frog Apple Slice Snack How-To

kermit the frog apples muppets recipe

Fall is upon us and around here that means apple orchards and cider mills! I love the crisp air and snuggling under a blanket and going for a hay ride! I’m also very excited to go apple picking this year because Baby Digger is old enough to enjoy the fresh picked goodness of apples straight from the orchard and cider. Yesterday, I came across this adorable creation…. Behold a….

kermit the frog apples muppets recipe
image source: DisneyFamily.com

Kermit the Frog apple snack! Now, I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t squeal with excitement when I first laid eyes on this delicious creation. I mean, you know my feeling about the Muppets from my previous post proclaiming my love and excitement for the new Muppet movie and The Green album coming out. This ridiculously cute and spitting image of Kermit just takes red apple, green apple a marshmallow and a black edible ink pen (for the eyes).  Add a bit of peanut butter and you have yourself a healthy, yummy and super fun treat for the kids or moms (just sayin… I know I’m making one for myself). I’m going to make one for Baby Digger too, even though she won’t be able to fully appreciate it yet, I still think it’ll make her smile. 🙂

Get the full Kermit the Frog apple how to over at DisneyFamily.com

16 thoughts on “Hidy Ho! Kermit the Frog Apple Slice Snack How-To

  1. This is too cute, love it! Perfect for a themed children’s birthday party! And it looks delicious, too! Keep the ideas coming… I’ve got a few parties coming up over the upcoming holiday season!

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