Helping Kids Heal After They Get Hurt

As a parent, your top priority is keeping children safe, specifically your children. Not that you shelter them so they grow up unable to handle what the world throws at them, but that you do all that you can to keep them from harm. Unfortunately, no matter the lengths you go to, at some point, your children are probably going to get hurt in some way at some point. If and when that time does come, whether happening at school or on the road, another very important chapter of your parenting journey begins. Here are a few ways you can help your child recover from a serious injury.

Advocate for Them

If your child receives an injury requiring hospitalization, it’s incredibly important that you, as their parent, do everything you can to advocate for their proper care. To be sure, the medical team that’s treating your child will ultimately have their best interests at heart, however, things can get overlooked from time to time. These oversights can lead to a lower quality of care or even mismanaged care that places your child in further danger.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your child’s care to ensure you understand
exactly what’s going on. After all, even if your child is aware of what’s going on, they
probably won’t understand the terms well enough to be able to know if everything is
being done correctly. Once you’ve gotten the answers you’re seeking, then it’s important to also be willing to stand up if you feel your child isn't receiving the care they should be receiving. You are your child’s best ally when it comes to their medical care, so do all you can to be the best ally you can.

After making sure your child has been properly treated, the next thing parents can do to advocate on their behalf is to seek out legal representation. A serious injury can have lifelong consequences, and accidents resulting from the negligence of another party warrant compensation for the victim. Find a legal team specializing in personal injury, such as Pines Salomon injury lawyers in Southern California, to increase the odds of getting the compensation your child deserves.

Be Available

A major injury your child receives is certainly traumatic for them, but it can be just as
traumatic for you as their parent. Even though you’re reeling emotionally, do your best to stay engaged and not be distant from your child. When kids get hurt is one of the times when they need you the most, so do all you can to love on them, answer questions that they have, and let them know they’re not alone.

Stick With It

Often, even after major treatment for an injury is over, the journey toward true healing is only beginning. A major trauma in your child’s life could cause mental and emotional scars that last long after the physical scars have faded. This could result in abnormal behavior, difficulty learning, emotional outbursts, nightmares, depression, anger, and a whole range of other issues that will not be easy to deal with.

As you were emotionally available to your child during their stay in the hospital,
however, it’s important to be emotionally available to your child during this healing
process, as well. Dealing with major trauma like this can, at times, be frustrating and
overwhelming, but it’s important to know that every time you respond correctly to a
specific instance of emotional distress, you’re helping your child along the healing road.

It Takes a Village

Dealing with a child’s injury can totally exhaust you mentally, physically, emotionally,
and spiritually. That’s why the best way you can help yourself so you can help your child is to lean on others during those times of greatest need. Trying to go it alone will only lead to burnout that isn’t healthy for you or your child. Take help when others offer it, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if no one knows you need it.
Be vulnerable with those you truly trust so they can encourage you and support you
when times get tough. Through the process, you’ll be able to draw closer to your child
and those close friends and family, leaving you with a beautiful gift from an otherwise
devastating situation.

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