Help Dad Stay Organized with Microsoft Office 2010 {Father’s Day Gift Ideas Sponsor Spotlight}

Microsoft Office 2010 Home & BusinessDaddy Digger is MUCH more organized than I am he has everything organized into docs and spreadsheets to help budget and keep track of bills. Microsoft Office 2010 has THE tools that help keep our family organized, in contact and on track.

Microsoft Office 2010 Suite Includes:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Micorsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Outlook

Budgeting with Microsoft Office 2010 ExcelMicrosoft Excel
The number one tool we use to budget is Microsoft Office Excel. It has a built in budgeting template that helps us create and stick to our monthly budget. Not only does it help us budget but it helps us meet our savings goals and track our spending. Daddy Digger is much better with math and numbers than I am. Anything with numbers makes my head spin but Microsoft Excel really makes it easier for me to manage it. Daddy Digger isn’t all that into sports but if your hubby is, it would make a great tool to organize sport brackets!

Microsoft Outlook
We send and receive so many emails in a day it’s insane. We have to have a tool that is reliable, easy to use and keep those hundreds of emails organized. It also has a powerful calendar tool that helps our family keep track of appointments, meetings and I use it to plan out my blog postings as well. Microsoft Outlook is at the heart of keeping this family organized.

Microsoft Powerpoint
Daddy Digger uses Microsoft Powerpoint on a daily basis creating decks for his job. It is a MUST have on all of our home computers so that if he needs get some work done from home he can. While Powerpoint is great for business and work it is also wonderful for creating a family photo slide show. It’s very easy for me to use to create animated slide shows to showcase our latest family photos.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business is available for $199.95

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4 thoughts on “Help Dad Stay Organized with Microsoft Office 2010 {Father’s Day Gift Ideas Sponsor Spotlight}

  1. I like your concise and to the point explanations of each software product. I use Microsoft at work (could not live without Outlook!) but I do not have it at home. It would make a nice gift though.

  2. You had me when you started talking about photos. I don’t think I could mess anything up if I just stayed in the photo section Haha Seriously it sounds awesome. My father or my son would flip over this. I’m not so techie : (
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  3. We did have outlook but something happened to it some time ago. I loved it as it was so convenient. My daughter uses Word at her job and she really likes it. This is a wonderful product, it has so many great features.

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