Heinz Vinegar and PAAS Easter Egg Dyeing Kits and App for Lots of Easter Fun!

PAAS & Heinz Easter BasketEven before I had kids I would dye Easter eggs every year because it’s just lots of fun and I love hard boiled eggs! PAAS and Heinz Vinegar have been providing families with Easter egg dying fun for years and this year we had the opportunity to try out some of their fun kits. This was Pinky’s first time being really into dying the eggs and creating little hard-boiled masterpieces of her own – she had so much fun! We received the new PAAS Touch of Velvet kit, Volcano Explosion Kit, Decorating Doodles kit, PAAS color cups and of course the Heinz Vinegar to help make the magic happen.

We started off with the Volcano Explosion Kit. It comes with 5 little crayons and a sharpener. You sharpen the crayons to create shavings then roll a freshly boiled hot egg in them. Pinky didn’t get to partake in this one because it requires the use of tongs and the eggs are extremely hot so I would recommend this for older kids that are able to use the tongs correctly and resist the urge to touch the eggs.


The Touch of Velvet egg decorating kit was lots of fun, you dye the eggs like you normally do by dipping them in the cups. Next, it comes with stickers that you place on the eggs and the “velvet” touch comes in baggies. Once the clear sticker is on the egg you pat down some of the velvet touch flocking powder on it and then blow off the excess. What’s left behind is a fun shape and it feels velvety soft! We had the most fun with this kit because it was age appropriate for my 2.5 year old and put a neat twist on traditional dyed eggs.


The Decorating Doodles kit comes with 5 marker like pens. When I opened them I was surprised to see they are actually like ready to use paint brushes. Pinky had lots of fun doodling all over her eggs. It really lets them create anything their heart desires and get creative.



The PAAS color cups were very useful to have and even came with the dye and egg dipper tool. If you like the simple Egg dying than this is a perfect all in one kit.


We had a blast trying out the new PAAS decorating kits and would definitely recommend checking them out for your Easter egg masterpieces this year!

Also be sure to check out the new PAAS and Heinz iPad app available online or at the iTunes store fore free. This year PAAS and Heinz have teamed up created an iPad app where your child or even the kid in you can decorate an egg and for every egg decorated they’ll donate $1 to the Make a Wish foundation! Pinky and I decorated quite a few eggs, it’s easy and fun – you dye the egg the color you’d like, then there are paint brushes, chalk and glitter to put a personal touch on your egg. Then just add it to your basket full of digital egg creations! It’s a great cause and fun to do as well!

PAAS/Heinz Egg Decorator
PAAS/Heinz Egg Decorating AppBe sure to check out the iPad available in the iTunes store or online for this great cause. For every egg you decorate they’ll donate $1 to the Make a Wish Foundation up to $25,000!

PAAS Easter egg kits and Heinz vinegar are available in stores everywhere!


6 thoughts on “Heinz Vinegar and PAAS Easter Egg Dyeing Kits and App for Lots of Easter Fun!

  1. Those are some neat decorating kits! I’ll have to see if I can find any locally and let the kids go crazy. It’s always interesting to see what designs they come up with each year!

  2. My wife and I have 2 grandkids here, doing eggs. The 13 year old is quite an artist. We finally figured out that the stickers are double sided tape. Not in the directions. Granddaughter and wife are having lots of trouble. I think the product is oversold and not nearly as effective as Paas dyes.

    1. It did take a bit of work to get the stickers off but once we got the hang of it they turned out pretty cool. Sorry your grandaughter and wife had trouble with them but I’m sure they turned out beautiful nonetheless 🙂

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