HALO SleepSack Early Walker Keeps Your On-The-Go Baby Warm and Cozy {Review}

Halo SleepSack Early Walker

Ahhh sleep, remember that? That blissful time at the end of each day where you closed your eyes, and didn’t open them until morning? Once you’ve had children, uninterrupted sleep is hard to come by. The more sleep they get…., the more you get…., at least that’s the idea.

Any product that promises to prolong a child’s sleep should be viewed with skepticism, but when Halo reached out to have me test their SleepSack Early Walker …, it was an easy sell.

Halo has been around for 15 years, they are the original, which means they’re still around for a reason.  Wearable blankets are designed to replace loose blankets in the crib.  They can help prevent SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) by preventing clothing from bunching around the mouth and nose.

Halo SleepSack Early Walker

My son is now 7 months old.  He can sit up, roll over, and errr crawl. Backwards that is.  The early walker is perfect. It allows him to kick out his feet while he is lying on his back, he doesn’t become tangled in the fabric of the original sleep sack.  On cooler nights, I push his feet inside the sack, or put him in pajamas with feet.  The foot openings mean that he can sit, roll over, crawl, scoot and shimmy without worrying about falling over, or tripping himself. In the morning if I’m feeling particularly lazy, I can pull him right from his crib to the high chair. I also like that I can transfer him from the crib to a carseat without having to remove his sleep sack.

Halo SleepSack Early Walker Review

Its easiest to get a good night sleep when you know that your child is safe, and warm.  The early walker is a great choice for my son, it allows him full mobility, and he sleeps longer and more comfortably.

September is Baby Safety Month

September is here already and here are some helpful tips in addition to encouraging safe sleep habits with a Halo SleepSack here are some additional helpful tips.

Since babies spend most of their time sleeping, it is important to focus on a safe sleep environment to help reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

  • ALWAYS put your baby on its back to sleep; every nap and every night.
  • Use a firm sleep mattress with a fitted sheet.
  • Baby should sleep alone.
  • Remove all soft objects from the crib, including bumper pads, blankets, pillows, & stuffed toys. If you feel the need to use a bumper pad, use the mesh “breathable” kind.
  • Baby should wear a onesie, sleeper, or sleep sack for warmth rather than being wrapped or covered wtih blankets.
  • Do not allow smoking in your home or around your baby.
  • Do not allow your baby to overheat. Room temperature should be between 68-72 ◦ F.
  • Avoid the use of positioners & other products that claim to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  • Check on your baby frequently.
  • Consider the use of a pacifier during sleep. If breastfeeding, wait approximately one month for breastfeeding to be well-established prior to introducing a pacifier.
  • Check your crib and other products to make sure they meet federal safety standards.

For more information on Halo SleepSack visit www.halosleep.com or connect with Halo on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for all the latest news and promotions. 

BUY IT: The HALO SleepSack Early Walker is available on the Halo SleepSack website and in stores (find a store near you).

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I received a HALO SleepSack to facilitate this review.



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