Getting Ready for a Big Girl Room

Big Girl Room Design

With the upcoming arrival of another little Digger and K Digger’s impeccable ability to scale out of her crib the time has come to move her to her big girl room. The baby will take her old room and she’ll move into a larger room with a twin sized bed. For the past month while we chose the bed and awaited it’s arrival she’s been sleeping with us. I know, it’s a bad habit to start. But hey, I sleep better knowing she’s not going to climb out of her crib and break a bone *KNOCK ON WOOD*. Her big girl bed has arrived and we’ve slowly been working on putting it together. I just love her new bed, it’s the South Shore Twin Mates Tiara collection (stay tuned for my review). By this weekend, the bed should be complete and the finishing touches can start.

I’m really pretty nervous about this transition for her, but I figure the sooner we do it the better the chance of her not feeling like she’s getting pushed out of her room for the new baby. I know there are going to be enough challenges with her being jealous of the baby. I know she’ll be a great big sister but it’s only natural for her to be at least a bit jealous, right?

I’ve had a lot of fun choosing the decor for her new room and while I am nervous, I am also excited for her to have her own bigger room with lots of fun accents and activity space for her. Here is the overall plan for her room –

Big Girl Room Design

I’m looking forward to seeing it all come together, although it will be a slow process to get it to 100% where I envision it. I really think she’ll love it and hopefully enough that it won’t be traumatic for her. When did you move your toddler into a big kid bed? Any good tips for helping make the transition for her easier?

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  1. I don’t think the transition will be as traumatic as you invision. It’s a change for sure, but you are right in doing it now; giving her plenty of time to get used to her room before the baby comes. The bed, bedding, and decor that you picked out are absolutely adorable and I’m excited to watch you put it all together πŸ™‚ Good Luck Brynn!!

    1. I will say that I do love to co-sleep but I do wish that they made beds bigger, somehow she manages to take up most of the bed each night πŸ™‚

  2. We’re actually just about to move my son into his big kid bed this weekend, and he’s 3 1/2! He was slow to climb out of the crib, actually just started doing it in the last month or so. I love the items you’re considering for your daughter’s room, I’m excited to pick out a bed for my son!

  3. I love the colors. Our twin daughters moved into a twin bed from a mix of our bed and cribs when they turned 2. Our son moved into a twin bed at 2 and 1/2. Our youngest learned to climb out of the crib pretty young, so she spent most of her time in our bed and then moved to a toddler bed at 2.

    It wasn’t really a problem for any of them. We made a big deal about how they were going to get their own big kid beds. So they were all pretty excited to get them. Our youngest popped into our room a few times after, but she went back fairly easily. When she told us she had nightmares in her new room (she shared a room with her brother before we moved), we told her the owl stickers on her wall were magical and helped keep her safe. That worked really well. The kids and I took turns telling her stories about her magical owls and that helped keep the nightmares away.

  4. I have no advice since we co-sleep with our 3-year-old and our 16-month-old, but I wanted to say congratulations, and your photo announcement is adorable! πŸ™‚

    1. I actually love cosleeping, if only it didn’t make for a bad nights sleep for me and the hubby, she moves around so much and takes up a ton of our bed lol!

  5. My oldest is about to turn four. We moved her into a big girl bed on her third birthday. I know a lot of people make the transition earlier, but she wasn’t climbing out of her crib…so why rush it? She wasn’t potty-trained yet, either, so it worked for us. After transitioning to a big-girl bed, she did really well and would stay in the bed all night. However, she currently wakes up at least once a night to go potty and always ends up in bed with me (daddy works third shift.) I don’t mind too much. πŸ™‚

    I love the decor ideas for your daughter’s room. She’s going to love it!

  6. Absolutely precious pictures! And congrats! My grandsons do not co-sleep. My older one is 2 1/2 and from day one my daughter would place him in his crib, say goodnight, and leave the room. He rarely cries and if he does it’s just for a minute and then he’s straight to sleep. I definitely think that’s being independent. Those bedding sets pictured above are adorable!

  7. We moved our oldest to her toddler bed right at 23/24 months and it was the best thing!! She gets up and plays so I have some time to change our 4 month old’s diaper and feed him then tend to her and she is always in a better mood now because she has time to wake up on her terms before the day starts. It has been wonderful!

  8. Congrats! We had our daughter transition to a big girl bed about 3 months before her little sister arrived to give her time to get used to that change before the REALLY big change came.

  9. I love your big girl room plan, that tent is adorable! The owls are such a cute theme! Keep us updated on the transition process!

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