Get Back To School in Style with OshKosh B’Gosh & 25% Off Coupon

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It’s hard to believe that Pinky will be starting school in just a few short weeks. Ahhh, where did my baby go?! This year we were fortunate to get her into an early 5’s program where they’ll be working on the same Kindergarten curriculum but at a slower pace. She’ll be going for 5 days a week for nearly an entire day, I’m not ready yet!

Her wardrobe, however, is ready! We headed to OshKosh B’gosh to shop for some new school clothes. She’s wearing a size 5 now and her wardrobe has slowly been dwindling down out of the size 4 clothing we bought her last year so she was in need of the most essential fall clothing items.

OshKosh B’gosh has been a favorite store of mine since she was born and we’ll be sending her off to school in OshKosh B’gosh now as well. I love the brand because it’s made with quality in mind and they last which is important because Loo Loo gets all the hand me downs to wear so they need to last.

Secondly, the styles they offer are trendy so I can send my little girl to school looking and feeling great! OshKosh has all the must-haves for this fall from bold prints, a touch of sparkle and classic trendy staples like B’gosh blue jeans and overalls.

And finally, it’s affordable. We have a very tight budget and I’ve found that I can get so much shopping done on my tight budget at OshKosh B’gosh and I don’t have to sacrifice the quality or style.

We got so many clothes and got some great deals and stocked up on the beloved OshKosh B’gosh denim. I love their denim because it fits my little skinny minnie girls perfectly and is comfortable for them. Plus it’s versatile and you can make so many outfits with a nice pair of denim jeans.

Here are some of the great styles we chose for her first year of school –

This outfit is my favorite. I love these overalls and they look so cute with the striped sparkle top!


These boots! They are just too cute for words. Floral print combat boots?! I was so excited to find them and they look so adorable on.


2 pairs of denim jeans. These will go with anything in her wardrobe and cute and comfortable tees and sweatshirts

oshkoshbgosh-back-to-schoolMy little girl will be hopping on her school bus in style thanks to OshKosh B’gosh!

OshKosh B’gosh is helping other kids go to school in style with the launch of the B’gosh Jeanius campaign. OshKosh B’gosh, in partnership with K.I.D.S./ Fashion Delivers, Inc., and will give customers the opportunity to donate a new pair of jeans or make a cash donation to a students in need this school year.

All denim donated from July 28 through September 16, 2015, will be delivered to local children in need through K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, while cash donations will be dispersed to local

Give kids a leg up! Donate a new pair of blue jeans or make a cash donation at the register.

For more information visit:

Shop OshKosh B’gosh today for all the latest back to school fashions and be sure to print this 25% off coupon towards your purchase of $30 or more.
OshKosh B'gosh 25% off printable coupon

To find an OshKosh B’gosh store near you visit the OshKosh B’gosh store locator.

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