Fun Activities That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Spending quality time as a family is important and you will want to make lots of happy memories together. This can be challenging at times and particularly when the kids begin to grow up and find their own interests. Coming up with ideas for days out can be tricky when this is the case, but fortunately, there are a few great ideas which work well for multi-generational families – you could even bring the grandparents along! These fun activities will bring you all closer together and will strengthen your bond, so consider any of the following when you are struggling to think of what to do with your time as a family.


It is important to teach your brood how to cook so that they will be able to look after themselves when they move out. This can also be an enjoyable activity to do together where everyone can share responsibilities. Whether it is baking a cake or making an old family recipe, you are sure to bond and enjoy each other’s company. It can also be handy as the kids may offer to take over the cooking from time to time!

Go To The Park

You can’t go wrong with the park no matter how old your kids are. When the sunshine is out, there is nowhere better to be, and there are all kinds of activities you could do, or simply chill out and enjoy a picnic on the grass.

Board Games

For rainy days where you don’t feel like venturing outside but still want the family to spend quality time together, try playing a few board games instead of flopping in front of the television. This is a much healthier and more fun way to pass the time, and there are many new and classic board games to consider.

Escape Room

An escape room encourages you to put your minds together to crack a mystery and escape the room. These experiences are thrilling, challenging and extremely rewarding, so they make for an excellent family activity. They are increasing in popularity, so find one near you with a quick search online. No matter where you live, there’s an Escape Room Pittsburgh, PA; even if you’re holidaying in Dubrovnik, Croatia, you can find a Game of Thrones-themed Escape Room!


Swimming is a great option because it is a fantastic form of exercise in addition to being good fun. Additionally, you are not forcing the kids to be together as they can go off on their own if they wish. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, the kids are sure to love splashing around and improving their abilities in the water.

Support The Local Team

Get behind a local sports team by attending their games on a regular basis. It can do wonders to have a shared attachment to something so that you can bond through both the highs and the lows. This is also a good option as it could encourage them to take up the sport themselves.

These are just a few activities that you can do with the whole family that will strengthen your relationship. It can be tricky to come up with ideas when the kids get older, but the above are all timeless classics that you will all look back fondly on.

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