Free Frankenweenie Pumpkin Carving Patterns Downloadable Template

Halloween is right around the corner! One of my favorite things about Halloween is carving pumpkins 🙂 A perfect Halloween movie is out in theaters now – Disney’s Frankenweenie! And in honor of the upcoming Halloween festivities here are 4 free downloadable Frankenweenie pumpkin carving patterns for download. There is the adorable Sparky, a bat, a cute spider and some creepy skeleton hands. Download the patterns here.

Frankenweenie Sparky Free Pumpkin PatternFree Bat Pumpkin PatternFree Spider Pumpkin Carving Pattern

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19 thoughts on “Free Frankenweenie Pumpkin Carving Patterns Downloadable Template

  1. We’re taking my son to a pumpkin patch for the first time this weekend, I think we might try out that spider template! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Thanks for sharing. We are going to see this movie this week and I am sure this is what my kids would love to have on their pumpkins if they enjoy the show. They love themed pumpkin cut outs!

  3. These are fantastic! My daughter is finally old enough to enjoy pumpkin carving and I’ve been looking for some good templates. Thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to try these out. 🙂

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