Four Fun Halloween Games For Kids

halloween games for Kids

Guest post by Chris of

halloween games for KidsUndead goblins, zombies and witches with bubbling cauldrons … When it comes to Halloween, sometimes the costumes and hoopla can be a little too much for little ones. If you have a little pumpkin in your patch, try some of these delightfully adorable games that are perfect for kids of all sizes. We think they put the fun back into the holiday and take away a little bit of the scarier edge that might land them in mom and dad’s bed in the middle of the night.

Geoffrey Giant’s Pumpkin Toss

Fe Fi Foe Fum … we smell lots and lots of fun! Create a GIANT wonderland to backdrop this whimsical game. Foam or cardboard cut outs of overgrown harvest veggies make a great scene.

Now on to the fun and games!

This game is a lot like ring toss — in fact, it IS ring toss … well, sort of. Pumpkins serve as the targets and hula hoops as the rings! (Because a normal ring is WAY too small for a giant’s hands.)

Our favourite thing about this game and theme is that it is very easy to create a wonderland of BIG things when you are creating them for small kids.

Vampire Tag

Another spin on a kid classic, vampire tag begins as one lone “vampire” as “it”. When the vampire “bites” (aka tags) another player they become evil vampire minions who join in the chase. This means there may be many “its” in one game. Anyone who has been tagged can only chase those who have not been tagged. The last one standing to not be “bit” wins.

Fang-tastic prizes for this game include wax lips, fangs or little beanie bats.

Pin the Booger on the Witch

… Because a wart is just too obvious.

Gross out little ones with a witch cut out for boogie placement and glue dots that are used for scrapbooking. They feel quite realistically like the real deal. (Don’t ask us how we know that.) Then, simply blind fold your guests, spin them round and let them aim the boogie.

But wait . . . if you want to be a little more out there, line other party goers up close to the cut out. The thrill of possibly getting “boogied” is pretty fun for the seven and under set!

Brain Digging Contest

*No brains were harmed in the making of this game.*

For this game you will need a brain jello-mold for each child present at the party (search Amazon for this.) Insert a gummy worm before your jello sets. With blindfolds on, present each child with their “brains” … their job to find the worm inside! The child who finds their worm fastest gets a whole jar of gummy worms to take home!

When it comes to Halloween fun and games sometimes the most fun of all is simply watching your little ones have fun. These precious memories will last a lifetime and who knows … they may even pass down a game or two to their own brood of ghouls and boys someday.

Chris is a writer and Dad of two pre-school girls, and shouldn’t really yet pull any big scares on them. He’s the editor of, where you can read about crafts, party planning, Halloween decor and costumes. Though he doesn’t scare his kids too much, he’s taught them from birth to hold out their arms and moan “braaaaains,” much to the non-delight of their mother.

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