Elephant Costume Review and other Cute Toddler Costumes Available at Party City

Toddler Elephant Costume Review

Party City

Choosing a Halloween costume for a toddler can be so much fun! I had a great time picking Pinky’s costume this year. I’ve mentioned that her favorite animals are elephants. She even has a stuffed element that is her binkie and carries it with her everywhere. So, I figured an elephant costume would be perfect for her! I found the cutest elephant costume at Party City.

toddler elephant costumeIt’s so soft and plush which makes it perfect for the chilly Halloween nights we have here. I can easily bundle her up underneath and zip her in without her having to wear a coat over it. It also has snaps for easy diaper changes! The only problem I have is that Pinky will not wear most costumes, she absolutely refuses and throws a huge fit. I can’t get her to wear her elephant costume for even a minute so I’ll took some pictures of it without her wearing it anyways because it’s just too cute. I love how they even have the elephant toes on the feet and hands. The hat goes on easily an just Velcros under the chin.

Toddler Elephant Costume ReviewIt’s the cutest and most realistic looking elephant costume! I SO wish she would wear it, I’ve been trying hard to warm her up to it without any luck.

Buy It!
Party City has lots of adorable toddler costumes at great prices! The elephant costume we have is on sale now for $25! Check them out at www.partycity.com

5 thoughts on “Elephant Costume Review and other Cute Toddler Costumes Available at Party City

  1. This is so cute and adorable. I have a friend who is a elephant fanatic. I bet she would buy this outfit just to put on a doll and add it to her elephant collections. Hopefully your daughter will wear it for Halloween. I know I had a gorilla costume that was home made by me with fake fur – it was awesome, but none the less my son actually was afraid to wear it – it scared him when he put it on. You just never know with kids LOL good luck

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