Dressing for Comfort – From Here to Maternity

Dressing a baby bump can be difficult. When you’re used to dressing for a certain shape, a growing bump can sometimes throw a spanner in your style works!

Maternity dressing is made even more difficult by the fact that pregnant women put on weight differently. A lucky few might put weight on just their bump, whereas others find that water retention causes their legs to swell and others still might put on weight all over. However you gain your pregnancy weight, you’ll have a brand new shape to learn how to dress.

Comfort is key to maternity style. As well as having an expanding shape, you’re also likely to find that you overheat quicker in the summer months and can find yourself getting hot, sticky and uncomfortable quickly.

Alternatives to maternity jeans include leggings – or, for the best of both worlds – jeggings. You’ll find pairs of overbump maternity leggings at ASDA George for just £6, so you can afford to stock up on a few pairs.

Leggings are a great choice of maternity wear – they’re comfortable, expandable and will grow with your bump. The low price also makes them an item that you won’t mind disposing of after your pregnancy.

They’re also a versatile item of maternity clothing, being just as good under dresses in spring as they are with knitwear in winter.

Perfect worn with longline maternity tops, a simple pair of leggings will take you from work to play. Wear for work the George maternity ‘Frill Front Blouse’ for £14, and a simple longline tee for play, such as the fun ‘Love My Bump Maternity T-shirt’, £8.

Leggings can even be worn under evening dresses, such as the Maternity Lace Panel Tunic, £12 at George – perfectly paired with a pair of black leggings and heels.

Those who love their denims will find a great selection of maternity jeans at George, in a range of different styles. Simple blue denims in a skinny and a bootcut style are wardrobe staples, and both are available at just £16 a pair. Choose from overbump or underbump styles, depending on your preference. Some people like the support overbump styles offer, whereas others find that a little too restrictive or warm, especially in hot weather.

If you usually like to experiment with your style, there’s no reason why that has to change with pregnancy. You’ll find options that are both comfy and fashion-forward at ASDA George, including Maternity Skinny Jeans in plum and Maternity Spot Print Skinny Jeans. Pair with a simple longline tee for daytime, or the Maternity Sheer Blouse in black for evenings out.

Another comfortable option for wearing under dresses and tunics are maternity tights. They’ll help take spring/summer outfits into autumn, helping you get the most out of your maternity buys through all the seasons. Maternity tights can be picked up for just a few pounds, so are a good way to make a maternity clothing budget stretch further.

Dressing a growing bump doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember that comfort is key and choose good value budget buys to see you through from here to maternity.

This is a guest post by Kira


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