Dove Clear Tone Deodorant Keeps You Fresh and Improves Skin Tone

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant

This Dove Clear Tone Deodorant post is part of a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Dove. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

I really despise shaving and usually when I haphazardly shave rushing to make it out before the girls are done napping and still fit a bit of “not doing a darn thing” quiet time in.

I don’t have the time to take a relaxing shower much less to moisturize after taking one. Gone are the days of my 45 minute showers…

Did you know that underarm skin loses 50% more moisture, which can lead to dryness and irritation? I didn’t until recently but I did know that often times my underarms would be red and sometimes they would be chafed. I honestly, don’t really moisturize much and when I do I really don’t even bother with my underarms.

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant is designed to reduce the yucky redness and dark marks that are caused from shaving in just two weeks. It has 1/4 moisturizers built-in to help replenish your skin after shaving and help restore the natural skin tone.

Dove Clear Tone Deodorant comes in four scents and I received the Pink Rosa and Sheer Tone scents. I’ve been using the Pink Rosa scent for a little over a week now and have to say that I’m liking the results.

Most important, it protects against odor and wetness for up to 48-hours. I will say that it is quite a pleasant scent and while I’ve never had a wetness problem I have had times where odor can occur. The Dove Clear Tone Deodorant has kept me smelling great, even on those days when I forget to apply it.

I’m quite happy with this deodorant so far and will be very interested to see the improvement in my underarm skin tone. Stay tuned…

Dove Clear Tone is available at stores nationwide. You can learn more at or connect with Dove on Facebook and Twitter!

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3 thoughts on “Dove Clear Tone Deodorant Keeps You Fresh and Improves Skin Tone

  1. Sounds like a great deodorant, I use Dove soap and love it. I’ll keep an eye out for this stuff. Thanks for the review!

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