Don’t Miss A New Inspiring Movie

The new motivating and also extraordinary film is going to be shown in cinema theatres. It will show the story of a common guy and how one circumstance changed his lifestyle once and for all. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty trailer presents the main character of the movie who is usually silent and self-conscious. His daily life is practically nothing special, he usually spends his time at the job and in the evening Walter is home alone. When your life consists of the daily routine and you are a person with regular habits, then it is normal that persons tries to hides in his cocoon and creates his imaginary world where anything is possible.

Walter’s imagination is huge and he likes spend his time in this amazing world full of adventure. No matter where you are or what you do, in your mind you can be a superhero at this moment. But there comes a day when a new woman comes to work to the same company where Walter is working and he doesn’t know yet that this day will become the beginning of his new life. This woman, Cheryl, attracts Walter but he has no idea how to pay her attention and is left unnoticed to her.

The main character is played by famous comedian Ben Stiller; he plays a man who works in the fashion industry as a manager at the photo department. The company runs the magazine and all staff is dealing with the latest issue, which is almost done. Walter finds out that the picture for the cover has been missing and now the whole company is in trouble. Walter is afraid he will never see Cheryl again if he loses his job, and this is the right time for Walter to accept a challenge of his life. Walter finally dares to leave his comfort imaginary world and do something special in the reality. Love for the woman pushes him to make some changes and now he is ready to save the company and its workers and get that missing photo back no matter how hard it would be.

The movie will show how one regular guy changes his life and faces his fears. It will show that every person is capable of anything when it really wishes to achieve something. Extremely new changes are waiting our main character – he will travel to foreign country by air, meet new people and jump into the ocean from heights. Finally, he can experience all his dearest dreams. It took almost two decades to write the screenplay, direct and shoot this movie and the film makers presented a great Christmas gift for the good film’s fans this year. Don’t miss the movie and embark on adventure together with Walter!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Miss A New Inspiring Movie

  1. I had heard of this movie but didnt know what it was really about. After reading this post, this movie sounds really good and I would love to see this movie.

  2. The first time I saw the previews for the movie, I wanted to watch it. It sounds like it will be a really great movie.

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