Dogs, At Your Service

As if we needed another reason to love dogs. Dogs are trainable to help people with any number of issues. If a person is highly allergic to something, there are dogs trained to let the owner know that the allergy is present. Dogs sense of smell is way beyond our capability. If a person is allergic to a dog they can get a monkey, parrot, or horse to help them live the best life they can with their physical or mental issue. Thanks to animals, people with disabilities can have a more independent and safe life.

What Makes A Service Dog

Service dogs are categorized in three ways hearing dog, service dog, and guide dog. Therapy dogs are a separate category. Therapy dogs do not have as strict of guidelines to be certified. All are helpful dogs, but service dogs have to be highly trainable. Only about 40% of dogs trained for service make it as a service dog.

Training for Service Dogs

The first quality a dog must have for training is patience. The dog has to be fine with people touching them and must very alert. It needs to be very healthy without signs of health issues. This service dog is going to be relied upon and must be willing to please the handler he or she eventually becomes of service to. Finally, it is vital for a dog to be able to retain information well if it is going to be a qualified service dog.

Next Levels of Training a Service Dog

A dog will be trained by a handler before it ever gets certified to be a service dog. It is the handlers job to make sure the dog can handle all situations. The dog is trained in public access skills like loading and unloading out of vehicles. It is important for a service dog to be able to pay attention without being distracted by the surrounding noise. Service dogs also have to be able to be calm in a restaurant. These are just the beginning tasks a dog potential for service have to perform. The next level is being able to do what the specific disabled person needs the dog to do to help the person.

How to get Service Dogs?

Service dogs can cost over $20,000 dollars. It is a long task to train a service dog. Some breeders breed their dogs specifically to be service dogs. Labradors are some of the best trainable dogs. Snowy Pines White Labradors is an example of an excellent breeder that would have a potential candidate dog to become a service dog. Labradors are some of the kindest and patient dogs on the planet. Families usually have them because they are so good around children.

Where to get Service Dogs?

It takes time to get a service dog. You usually have to wait months to get one. You must qualify and go through a process. There are several foundations for each disability that will help disabled people get the service dog they need. You just always want the place you get your service dog to be reputable and follow the proper guidelines for service dogs. You cannot simply buy any dog and claim it is a service dog. It is a federal offense to do so. Find the organizations in your area that have all the proper credentials to help you find a good service dog. The right organization works directly with you.

Service dogs are an excellent way for people with disabilities to get the help they need to live independently. Thankfully, breeders breed great dogs that can handle the training needed to train a dog to do specific tasks like warning a person if they are having a seizure or properly help a person across the street. Our furry friends are capable of so much. You want to do your due diligence when looking for a service dog so you get the right dog for your family member or friend with a disability.

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